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That Luang Small Stupa Apexes Golden Coating Begins

Senior government officials and devotees took part in a ritual held at That Luang on April 7 to signify the melting of 4 kg of gold to coat the apexes of the 30 small stupas at That Luang.

Among the senior officials were Vientiane Mayor, Mr Sinlavong Khouphaythoune, and Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr Bouangeun Saphouvong.

The stupa apex coating is one of the activities of the 4th Phra That Luang Renovation. The organising committee has finished coating the main apex of Phra That Luang with gold, said Vice Vientiane Mayor, Mr Sihoun Sitthileuxay.

Over 10 kg of gold have been donated by individuals and organisations from public and private sectors towards the renovation of the grand stupa.

The 4th Phra That Luang Renovation Project was launched in 2008, in coincidence with the celebration of the 450th anniversary of Vientiane as the national capital.

The ongoing renovation, estimated at over 15 billion kip (USD 1.8 million), includes repairs of the spherical part at the base of the stupa, gates, and doors of Phra That Luang.

Phra That Luang, the iconic symbol of Vientiane Capital, is a huge golden stupa built in 1566.

The first major renovation of Phra That Luang was reported in 1819. The second and third renovations were conducted in 1930-1976, and 1993-1996 respectively, according to Mr Sihoun.

Source: Lao News Agency