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Thirty-seven Students Depart for Japan to Join Youth Exchange Programmes

Two groups, comprising of thirty-seven Lao students and three supervisors, departed on March 13 from the Wattay International Airport to Japan to participate in youth exchange programmes under the JENESYS 2016 programme, supported by the Japanese government.

These two groups will stay in Japan from March 14 to 21 and take part in the “Experience in Japanese Culture” and the “Peace Building / ASEAN 50th Anniversary” programmes respectively.

The “Experience in Japanese Culture” programme aims to enhance understanding of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture.

The twenty-four Lao students to participate in this programme were selected from more than 400 applicants by a committee comprising of representatives in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Besides visiting historic landmarks and facilities, they will also experience a homestay and a school-exchange programme in snowy Hokkaido to deepen mutual understanding between Laos and Japan.

The “Peace Building / ASEAN 50th Anniversary” programme aims to deepen mutual trust and understanding among young people from Japan and ASEAN countries, and to build a basis for friendship and cooperation among the countries.

Thirteen Lao students were nominated to participate in this programme by the Lao Youth Union. These students, together with students from other ASEAN member states, will participate in the “First ASEAN University Student Council Union Conference” to discuss leadership and peace in ASEAN and beyond.

JENESYS 2016 is a people-to-people exchange programme between Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, and will succeed JENESYS 2015. The Japanese Government will invite about 340 Lao young people to Japan this fiscal year.

Source: Lao News Agency