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Thousands Of People Vaccinated Against Typhoid In Sanamxay

(KPL) Health workers have vaccinated more than 9,100 people aged 6 months to 45 years against typhoid in Attapeu’s Sanamxay district. The district was hit by deadly flooding in late July.

The vaccination has been conducted since Nov 12.The health workers also provided health checks to mothers and children in 19 target villages of the district.

Typhoid is a bacterial infection that can lead to a high fever, diarrhea, and vomiting, according to Medical News Today. Caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi, typhoid can be fatal.

The infection is often passed on through contaminated food and drinking water, and it is more prevalent in places where hand washing is less frequent. It can also be passed on by carriers who do not know they carry the bacteria.

Globally, around 21.5 million people a year contract typhoid.

If typhoid is caught early, it can be successfully treated with antibiotics; if it is not treated, typhoid can be fatal.

Source: Lao News Agency