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Tomato Farmer Earns 3 Million Kip Monthly

The tomato farming fetches Ms. Khoun Souddara’s family two to three million kip (about US$250-365) monthly today.

Ms. Khoun, a villager of Hadkansa, Hadxayfong district, Vientiane Capital said she began her farming job with start-up capital of only three million kip in 2008.

Ms. Khoun today holds tomato farming as the bread and butter job of her family. Her tomato farm is 3,200 sq m in size and houses over 2,000 tomato plants.

Ms. Khoun said it took three months before her tomato plants bore fruits ready for picking. She harvests 360 kg of tomatoes every week and earns around 2.4 million kip monthly.

“Once picked, the tomatoes are purchased right here at my farm,” said Ms. Khoun.

With growing demand in the market fueled by economic growth, more people are opting to grow agriculture.

In Hadkansa’s village, tomatoes are mostly planted by local farmers along with other vegetables and eggplants.

Source: Lao News Agency