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UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Region – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report No. 2 (Reporting Period: 29 February – 13 March 2020)

• As of 12 March 2020, 125,048 cases were confirmed positive of COVID-19 globally with 4,613 deaths. 80,981 confirmed cases are in China and an additional 8,996 confirmed cases in other East Asia and Pacific countries with 7,869 cases in the Republic of Korea, 620 cases in Japan, 178 cases in Singapore, 70 cases in Thailand, 70 cases in Malaysia, 39 cases in Vietnam, 52 cases in the Philippines, 34 cases in Indonesia and 3 cases in Cambodia, 1 case in Mongolia and 1 case in French Polynesia.

• The size and evolution of the outbreak and current knowledge on its ability to be transmitted through communities, signals that the virus could still spread further within the region, despite the efforts by national authorities and the international community to contain it. While the virus has been spreading quickly other regions, the East Asia and Pacific region remains heavily burdened. Urgent efforts are needed to contain the outbreak and to prepare health systems and communities to mitigate the impacts.

• UNICEF has delivered 118,791 N95 and 180,850 surgical masks, 38,543 protective suits, 13,844 gowns, 45,632 protective goggles, 1.2 million surgical gloves, 20,004 heavy-duty/examination gloves, 4,991 sample collection kits and 5,916 thermometers to the Government of China for immediate dispatch to Wuhan and Beijing. Regionally, UNICEF plans to deliver US$12.2 million in supplies to support the response.

• So far, UNICEF has reached over 80 million people with its transmission prevention messages and provided critical health supplies to China, Malaysia, Lao PDR, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. UNICEF plans to reach an additional 210 million people throughout the region. Additional resources are needed for a response, including for supplies and programmatic support.

Source: UN Children’s Fund