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Unryo Introduces Correlation Engine for Root-Cause and Impact Analysis Across All Infrastructure Layers

MONTREAL, Dec. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Unryo, a leader in monitoring and analytics, announced today the general availability of its Correlation Engine. This new module enables automatic correlation of data, which help operators reduce the time needed to troubleshoot problems and see impacts.

Today’s modern environments are becoming more complex and multi-layered, with devices and services distributed across on-premise or hybrid infrastructures. Monitoring grows in complexity when it comes to identifying the root cause of a downtime or abnormal behavior. Being able to isolate issues and respond to them quickly is now critical to the success of businesses.

To address this, the new Unryo Correlation Engine enables operators and engineers to isolate the exact source of issues and speed up mean time to resolution (MTTR). Teams are able to see which alarms are the probable root-cause of an issue and understand the magnitude of impacts on other resources and services.

How Automated Root Cause Analysis Works

Totally automatic and working in dynamic environments, the Correlation Engine is a dedicated component within the Unryo microservice platform that receives the monitoring data stream and analyzes it in real-time to learn the relationships between discovered resources, in order to create a full-stack topology-based model. The engine then correlates monitoring alerts against this topology model. For example, when a resource goes down, the Unryo Correlation Engine determines if the resource is the root-cause or an impact, according to the status of the actual topology dependencies.

To help operations teams find the probable root cause more quickly, the Unryo portal highlights important insights by filtering dashboards and alarms accordingly. The Alarm Console clearly separates root causes and impacts to reduce alert noise and facilitate triage. The Topology Maps provide useful context to users, with detailed dashboards just one click away.

The Unryo Correlation Engine enables organizations to:

  • Pinpoint the root cause of incidents and outages in real-time, regardless of technology
  • Reduce MTTR by providing users with clear insights about problems that may have occurred
  • Get a full-stack topology map that is always up to date and shows dependencies across layers
  • Calculate the impact on infrastructure or business groups with propagation analysis
  • Correlate data coming from different data sources, from all layers
  • The Unryo Analytic Engine works autonomously. Zero configuration required.
  • Technology agnostic algorithm, adapted to any data source

The Unryo Correlation Engine is generally available today. For more information, please visit:

About Unryo
Unryo is a modern performance monitoring and analytics platform that lets organizations gain full visibility into all the layers of their infrastructure, from the network all the way up to deep inside their applications. Unryo detects problems across virtual, physical, and multi-cloud networks, and uses correlations to identify the root cause and impacts, so organizations reduce service outages and ensure strong customer satisfaction. The platform is available as a deployable solution (on premise) or a cloud service (SaaS). For more information, visit or follow Unryo on LinkedIn