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US Presents Medical Supplies to Ministry of Health

U.S. Ambassador to Laos Peter M. Haymond presented personal protective equipment –PPE- and hygiene supplies to Minister of Health Bounfeng Phoummalaysith on May 25 as part of the United States’ ongoing COVID-19 support to the Lao PDR.

The equipment and supplies were the first of two deliveries of supplies via the U.S. Department of Defense’s Indo-Pacific Command to outfit 25 Quarantine Centres across the country.

The deliveries offer much needed resupply for healthcare workers, facilities maintenance workers, and visitors at each quarantine centre, supporting World Food Programme efforts there. This support is valued at US$203,000.

“I commend the government of Laos’ leadership and efforts to keep the COVID-19 pandemic under control,” said Ambassador Haymond. “I am proud to hand over these supplies to support the healthcare workers, facilities maintenance workers, and visitors at the quarantine centres. We will continue to support the Lao PDR in controlling COVID-19, as part of the U.S.-Lao Comprehensive Partnership established five years ago by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bounnhang Vorachit.”

This handover highlights the United States’ sustained efforts to support the Lao PDR as it confronts the challenges of COVID-19, and the enduring commitment of the U. S. Department of Defense to build long-term capacity-building partnership here in public health.

In the past year alone, the Department of Defense has worked with the Ministry of Health and the Military Medical Department, Ministry of National Defense to help address the health needs of the Lao people by contributing over US$2.4 million in areas such as health facilities, field ambulances, laboratory equipment and supplies, COVID-19 test kits, and personal protective equipment.

Today’s handover is part of over US$8 million in direct COVID-related assistance that the U.S. government has provided to the Lao PDR since the beginning of the outbreak.

This year, the United States and the Lao PDR celebrate the 5th anniversary of the U.S.-Lao Comprehensive Partnership.

Source: Lao News Agency