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Vientiane Needs Proper Strategy to Control Dengue

A seminar on mobilising a community campaign to participate in dengue prevention and control was held in Vientiane Capital on April 6 to push the Ministry of Health to have a proper strategy on dengue fever control in 2017.

Dengue fever outbreaks occur in Laos every year and pose a threat to Vientiane residents as well. Therefore, the Vientiane Health Department organised a seminar aiming to mobilise ideas for the prevention of dengue fever to reduce the number of outbreaks and the rate of infection this year.

The participants discussed ways to mobilise Vientiane residents to increase awareness of proper prevention and control methods, in an effort to help the Ministry of Health control dengue outbreaks.

In 1987, the first dengue fever epidemic broke out and was deemed the worst outbreak. As a result, 925 people died, mostly under the age of 15, out of a total number of 9,699 dengue cases.

Another massive epidemic occurred in 2010, causing 22,890 infected cases and 46 deaths. In 2013, there were 44,171 people infected with dengue fever and 95 deaths, of which 26 deaths occurred in Vientiane Capital, according to a report by the Head of Vientiane Health Department, Mr Phonpaseut Ounaphom.

Last year, dengue fever killed 10 people out of 5,352 infected cases.

Source: Lao News Agency