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Vientiane to Improve Celebrations for Lao New Year 2017

For the forthcoming celebration of the Lao Lunar New Year B.E 2560 (Pi Mai Lao) next week, Vientiane Capital will organise many interesting festivities to attract more tourists, both local and foreign, which will be better than in previous years.

Over the 5 days of the festival, the events organised include the Nang Sang Khan parade (Miss Pi Mai Lao), a Baci ceremony for the Party and Government leaders, a trade fair, a traditional sports competition on Don Chanh beach, an art performance and offering alms to monks.

This year, Lao New Year falls on 14-16 April, but the official holiday is from April 13 to 17. Don Chanh beach will be an arena for sports, including beach football and basketball.

The trade fair will be held from 12 to16 April.

The Pi Mai Lao or water festival reflects the longstanding Lao culture and traditions through the expression of respect and gratitude by young people towards their elders.

Apart from offering good wishes, the New Year also provides an opportunity to congratulate government officials on their achievements and contributions towards national development.

Source: Lao News Agency