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Vientiane Worries about Growing Waste and Waste Water

Vientiane Capital has worried about the countless volume of waste water and solid waste that is worsening every year as waste management and waste water treatment systems remain limited.

A meeting was held in Vientiane Capital on March 28, in an attempt to solve the existing problem and prepare the celebration of coming 23rd anniversary of World Water Day, drawing more than 300 officials from the Department of Water Resources and Vientiane Capital Water Resource and Environment Division.

This was also part of the effort to hold the 67th anniversary of the World Meteorology Day and 22nd anniversary of the Mekong Treaty Day.

All rivers play a significant role and a necessary factor for the living conditions of human beings, national social economic development, and the ecosystem. Lao PDR is a country blessed with rich natural water resources, which provide favourable conditions for the livelihood of Lao people and have an important potential for the socio-economic development of the country.

The Deputy Head of Vientiane Capital Water Resource and Environment Division, Mr Bounxom Xongvilay, said that either current growth of socio-economic development or the increase in population causes the high demand in water consumption. As the result, if there are no measures to resolve the problem, it will have negative impacts on water resources, causing low quality water, shortage of water for consumption during dry season, severe flooding during rainy season and stagnant water in the city. Currently, the drainage system remains inefficient and affects socio-economic development and the environment.

Vientiane Capital has a population of over 800,000; people living on high ground are at risk of water shortage during the dry season. Moreover, the ongoing increase of waste and waste water is a cause for worry, and there is a need to greatly improve the drainage system and waste management system in line with the economic growth, as these problems are creating worry among the public and are challenges to be overcome, Mr Bounxom said.

Source: Lao News Agency