Vietnam, RoK promote digital technology cooperation

Vietnam’s Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Phan Tam and Deputy Minister of Science and ICT Park Yun-kyu of the Republic of Korea (RoK) held an online meeting on August 4 to discuss measures to promote cooperation in information technology between the two countries.

The meeting is part of the implementation of the negotiation results of the digital export promotion group to the ASEAN market after the discussion between the deputy ministers on June 9 in Hanoi.

At the online meeting, they focused their discussions on simplifying licensing procedures for the RoK’s exports of cybersecurity equipment to Vietnam; RoK-ASEAN digital cooperation; the know-how of setting up and operating the GS certification system.

The two sides also promoted the expansion of exchange and cooperation in the field by attending bilateral events such as “Vietnam International Digital Week 2023” held in Hanoi and “World IT Show 2024” held in Seoul.

Speaking to the press, Deputy Minister Park Yoon-gyu said that their meeting will further replicate the achievements that the ASEAN digital export promotion group has achieved, while promoting practical exchanges and cooperation between the two countries’ governments and businesses.

Park expected that the foundation of cooperation between the RoK and Vietnam in the field will be significantly strengthened after the meeting./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency