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Vietnamese Deputy Foreign Minister extended congratulations on Vietnam’s 76th National Day

Lao Ambassador to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Sengphet Houngbounyuang paid a courtesy call to Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam Nguyen Quoc Dung on the occasion of the 76th National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Sep 2, 1945-2021).

The visiting ambassador highly spoke of the achievements Vietnam has made in various areas over the past 76 years under the clear-sighted leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam who led the fraternal Vietnamese people to fight fearlessly against invading colonialists and imperialists and secured national independence and unified the country in 1975.

Over three decades of the implementation of Doi Moi policy, Vietnam has recorded great and historic achievements, growing strongly and comprehensively in all areas with politics gaining stable, national defense and public security securing peace and order in the society, economy gaining a good constant pace, and people’s living standards improved significantly. Vietnam is increasingly securing greater role and influence at regional and international arena.

The ambassador also hailed the success of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam in early 2021.

He noted that the socio-economic achievements in Vietnam have inspired the Lao PDR to lead in building up higher income economy.

The relations between the two countries have been deepened and this has been demonstrated in the fact that when the Covid-19 pandemic was spreading around the world, leaders of the two countries managed to exchange their visits.

In reply, the Vietnamese Deputy Minister highly valued the great relations between the two Parties, governments and peoples of Laos and Vietnam and stated that over years to come, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the two countries will play a key role in implementing programmes and projects the two countries signed during the visits of leaders of the two countries in June and August and both sides will continue to deepen the relations and cooperation between the two Parties, governments and peoples of Laos and Vietnam as well as promote and strengthen the great relations, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries.

In the morning of the same day, the Lao ambassador also attended a virtual meeting dedicated to the 76th anniversary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Source: Lao News Agency