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Wattay Int’l Airport Terminal Takes Shape

The ongoing construction of terminal expansion project for the Wattay International Airport recorded 6.5 percent to complete and moves in progress.

The terminal expansion project includes constructions of new hangar, new taxiway, renovation of runway, aircraft parking area and other replacement of facility for passengers, Supervisor of the Terminal Expansion Project for the Wattay International Airport, Mr Sengsangoun Chanthavong told this week.

The project was conducted by Official Development Assistance of the Japan worth of 7.5 billion yen (over US$60 million), which began in December 2015 and expects to complete in June 2018, he explained.

Upon completion, this project will increase the migration of passengers and better provide the facilities to the passengers, tourists and landing and takeoff of aircrafts.

The expansion is to deal with the increase of passengers seeing a 9-percent over the past five years.

Currently, the Wattay International Airport welcomed 900,000 passengers. The number of arrivals expected to increase 2 million in 2023 and 2.8 million in 2028.

Next plan, the old terminal building will be removed and reconstructed.

Source: Lao News Agency