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Webtel.Mobi is Reintroducing a 100% Gold-Backed Currency Worldwide – Stability of 100% Gold-Secured Currency Returns After Half a Century

WM’s Impending reintroduction of a 100% gold-backed “Secured TUV” Digital Currency for all World Reserve Currencies is the first reintroduction of a 100% gold-secured currency worldwide since the post-Bretton Woods Default in 1971

Secured TUV – USD 1 000 000 or 24Kg AU 24K

Secured TUV – USD 1 000 000 or 24Kg AU 24K

ST PETER PORT, Guernsey and NEW YORK, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Telephony Provider Webtel.mobi (“WM”) has already introduced the world’s first fully functional and global-use Digital Currency that functions from a regulated environment.

That is WM’s “Standard TUV”, a globally accessible, globally transferable, globally refundable, multicurrency Digital Currency; that is 1:1 secured with funds in a regulated bank account. It has the properties of being a globally acceptable medium of exchange, unit of account, store of value and standard of deferred payment in all World Reserve Currencies and multiple other currencies.

As “advanced” as WM’s Standard TUV is compared to attempts by other entities to attain this ideal, it is not advanced insofar as the capacities of WM’s International Clearing System – powered by its Artificial Intelligence Complex Adaptive System – are concerned. WM has within its System far more advanced facilities that are already fully functional.

One of these is WM’s “Secured TUV” Digital Currency.

The Secured TUV is a TUV with all the characteristics of WM’s Standard TUV; but also 100% secured by physical gold to the full value of the TUV.

WM’s Standard TUV is already a 100% hedge against inflation and currency depreciation due to it being convertible to any other World Reserve Currency – and many other currencies – instantly on-demand, and being 100% secured by 1:1 funds in its currency in a regulated bank account.

WM’s Secured TUV takes this process one-step further – specifically to cater for WM Members who prefer to have the Fiat Currencies that secure their TUVs backed by physical gold.

The Gold-Backed Secured TUV is not a planned or hoped-for product. It is already – as are all products and Facilities on the WM Platform – a fully functional and operational-reality.

The only reason for WM not already releasing its Secured TUV at this time, is due to it being in the process of finalizing the entity from which the physical gold to guarantee and back the Secured TUVs will be sourced.

This is because there are various prerequisites from WM regarding selection of the final supplier – including location, adherence to regulatory best practices, secure storage and monitoring, ongoing quality-control, capacity to rapidly increase stock, capacity for secure and insured delivery to Members in the event of refunds and some other requirements.

The supplier is anticipated to have been appointed by the end of 2021, and WM has scheduled the general release of the Secured TUV for Q2 2022.

WM’s Secured TUVs will function in exactly the same way as WM’s Standard TUVs, being:

  1. Standard TUVs are free and instant to acquire. Stored Credit (“funds”) used to acquire the TUV remain in a regulated bank account for the life of the TUV – providing the 1:1 funds backing of the Digital Currency.
  2. Standard TUVs can be acquired in any currency used on the WM Platform – including all the World Reserve Currencies. They can similarly be converted into any other of the World Reserve Currencies – or other currencies available on the WM Platform – instantly and on-demand.
  3. Standard TUVs can be used for every transaction type that exists – having the same utility as both cash and digital payments.
  4. Standard TUVs are globally transferable in 1/100th of a second, with the highest levels of security, reliability, reporting – and zero costs or fees – and can be used for any offline or online payments, transfers, conversions or other transactions – at zero cost, and with zero specialized equipment required.
  5. Standard TUVs can be refunded to the certified and reverified regulated bank account of any WM member on demand – in any currency that the TUV has been converted to.

The only differences between Standard TUVs and the Gold-Backed Secured TUVs are:

  1. Although the acquisition of a Secured TUV is elective, there is absolutely no difference between the acquisition of a Standard TUV or a Secured TUV. The cost of the acquisition of both TUVs from WM is the same – zero. Both are absolutely free to acquire. The funds used for acquiring both types of TUV go into a regulated bank account for the life of the TUV, and both TUVs are therefore fully backed by the funds for which they are valued – which can be refunded at any time on demand. The only difference is that the Standard TUV is backed 100% and 1:1 by funds in its value (which can be converted to other Currencies on demand), and the Secured TUV is backed by 100% and 1:1 by funds to its value, and also backed 100% by physical gold to its total value.
  2. Besides Secured TUVs being backed 1:1 in the currency in which they have been acquired or converted to – they are also backed by physical gold to the full value of the currency in which the TUV was acquired at the time of acquisition. That is – if a Secured TUV is acquired for USD 100 – it is backed by USD 100 in a regulated bank account and also by USD 100’s worth of physical gold. The same applies whether it is for USD 100 or USD 100 million.
  3. The value of the Secured TUV fluctuates directly with the fluctuation of the value of gold in that currency. If the value of gold goes up in that currency, the value of the Secured TUV increases. The value of the Secured TUV is directly linked to the value of gold in its currency.
  4. The currency of the Secured TUV can be converted on-demand by its owner to a different World Reserve Currency or other currency in use on the WM Platform. If this is done, the value of the Secured TUV will be reflected according to that currency’s value in gold (as in point 3 above).
  5. The Secured TUV can be refunded on demand either with funds – which are transferred directly to the owner’s certified and reverified bank account – or with physical gold. If the refund is in physical gold, the Secured TUV owner can either:
    1. Fetch the physical gold himself / herself at the secure storage location (security personnel arranged by the Secured TUV owner may do the transportation of the gold thereafter, but the certified and registered owner must present himself / herself directly to have the physical gold released).
    2. Have the physical gold securely delivered to him / her personally at his / her certified and reverified physical address (arranged via his / her WM account – but at his / her own cost for secured delivery).

WM provides these services from – and functions within – a regulatorily compliant and supervised situation. Moreover, WM has already been providing services for over a decade to limited user groups, and in that time has undergone over 30 robust due diligences worldwide. This includes due diligence by multiple firms of attorneys, specialist global research organizations, Investment banks and banks and top-tier Regulatory Agencies. Members therefore have the security of working through a reliable, due-diligenced, and confirmed blue-chip global company.

It has often been stated over the course of the last half a Century that a return to the Gold Standard was not possible – and indeed, via the legacy systems in operation worldwide, it was not.

However, due to the capacities of WM’s Global Clearing System – powered by its Artificial Intelligence Complex Adaptive System – many aspects of global economics and finance that were previously unattainable ideals are, for WM, not just very easily, practically and rapidly attainable – they already exist.

The 100% Gold-Backed Secured TUV Digital Currency is just one of the many facilities, products, services and processes that are unattainable by legacy systems, but which already exist as fully-operational realities within WM’s Global Clearing System.

A return to the Gold Standard represents – over and above the already-existing capacity to instantly convert TUVs’ currencies between all World Reserve Currencies – not just a safe haven against inflation and depreciation of specific Fiat currencies, but rather a safe haven against potential instability and depreciation of all Fiat currencies worldwide.


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