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Webtel.mobi’s Global Alliance of Affiliates is Already in 193 Countries With 288 Million Members – and Growing Rapidly

WM’s Global Expansion via its VSMP Affiliates is already one of the fastest in history – providing a free expansion capacity worldwide for WM, free additional revenues for entities acquiring VSMPs and cost reductions of up to 80% for Members

ST PETER PORT, Guernsey and NEW YORK, Oct. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Telephony Provider Webtel.mobi’s (“WM’s”) method for global expansion is via affiliates known as “Virtual Specialized Mobile Providers” or “VSMPs” (WM is a “Specialized Mobile Provider” or “SMP”).

Without even promoting its VSMP Program, WM has already established VSMPs covering 193 countries, which have 288 million Members within them, and anticipates increasing the VSMP and Member totals by factors in a short period.

The opportunity to establish a VSMP is open to any “Eligible Entities” entities worldwide. An Eligible Entity is an entity (or person) that has:

  1. An existing base of members, subscribers, clients, customers, students, or any other collection of persons
  2. That the Eligible Entity communicates with – or has the ability to communicate with – from a central point.

The mutual-support relationship between WM and its VSMPs is as follows:

WM Provides:

  1. A fully operational replica of its own Platform – with the appearance customized to the Eligible Entity’s preference.
  2. All Technical support.
  3. 10% of the net revenue from all revenue passing through the VSMP.
  4. All at zero cost to the Eligible Entity

In return, the Eligible Entity:

  1. Receives WM’s retail marketing messages every week (one per week), and
  2. Provides the retail-marketing message to its existing member, subscriber, client, customer, student, or any other base.

Eligible Entities are encouraged not to incur any costs when forwarding the weekly marketing messages to their existing bases, and just to insert the weekly marketing messages into the standard communication method used to communicate with their existing member base – be it email, letter, flyer, blog, or any other method they use.

This is to keep with WM’s corporate philosophy of providing all applicants with a level playing field, so that whether an Eligible Entity is wealthy or struggling, they have equal opportunity to be successful based on their own personal excellence and drive to succeed. That is also why Eligible Entities (or persons) do not need to incur any cost at all when acquiring their VSMP, or for ongoing technical support, or maintenance of the VSMP.

This win-win methodology is why WM never has to carry out any media or marketing campaigns to continuously expand. Via its VSMP, it has 100% saturation-marketing capacity directly to existing member-bases of existing entities, worldwide. It has this at zero cost to either WM or to the Eligible Entity (see the “Resources” section of this article for WM’s “Four Wins” methodology).

Eligible Entities have the opportunity to increase their revenues to more than the 10% of net total revenue gained just from having the VSMP and sending out the marketing material to their existing member base. This is because they are also able to:

  1. Provide access to TUV Digital Currency acquisition for their VSMP Members
  2. Provide TUV Redemption services to their VSMP Members
  3. Provide other support services to their VSMP Members
  4. All of which are electively provided (or not) by the Eligible Entity, and the Eligible Entity can charge additional fees – set by them – for electively providing these additional services.

WM’s VSMP program is the world’s largest franchise operation by geographic coverage – but the only one that has absolutely zero acquisition cost, zero running costs and zero maintenance costs for the acquiring franchisee.

Moreover, acquisition of a VSMP by an Eligible Entity instantly provides it with over 20 additional revenue streams at zero cost, and with zero personnel, premises, or equipment requirements. It also provides the Eligible Entity with the ability to cut its own costs exponentially, by also using its own VSMP for all the services that are provided to its members from it.

The range of entities that have established VSMPs to date is as wide in scope as the number of business and organization types that exist.

Businesses and Companies in the accounting, financial services, mobile telephony, logistics, public relations, transport, shipping, retail, security, wholesale, real estate and multiple other sectors have acquired VSMP.

Other than this, organizations such as civil society organizations, websites and blogs, charities, universities, hospitals, labor associations and many more have also acquired their own VSMPs.

Collectively, WM and its VSMPs are known as the “TEL.mobi Group Global Alliance (see the “Resources” section of this article for a link to the TEL.mobi Group Global Alliance page) .

This wide range of entities that acquire VSMPs is because all the services provided on the WM Platform are utility-level services used by all persons and entities, in all sectors, worldwide. Therefore, they are relevant and useful to – and used by – all persons and entities, in all sectors, in all countries, worldwide.

WM also provides every VSMP’s two Responsible Persons (known as Contact Persons) with their own online “VSMP Control Panel” – which is a segmentalized section of WM’s Complex Adaptive System. From this online Control Panel, they can see every action taking place on their own VSMP (anonymized for member privacy), and see their revenue-share – which is remitted to them on a 24-hourly basis.

WM also provides all VSMPs with a “VSMP Handbook”, so they have access to all relevant information on their VSMP’s capacities, uses, revenue-generating capacities, methods, and all other relevant information (see the “Resources” section of this article for a link to the VSMP Handbook).

To apply to acquire a VSMP, all an Eligible Entity needs to do is to contact WM by email. Alternatively, WM has made it possible for Eligible Entities to initially establish their own VSMP by themselves – directly from their own WM accounts.

All a WM Member needs to do to establish its own VSMP is to click on the “Apply for an Affiliate (VSMP)” link in their own WM account, and, in less than 60 minutes, they can have their own fully functional version of the WM Platform for their own Entity.

There are no corporate requirements for Eligible Entities that establish VSMPs, because the VSMP is a front-end marketing platform of WM, and WM controls all process flows – so the Eligible Entity incurs no legal, corporate or other liability, and does not need to register the VSMP as a company in their jurisdiction.

Webtel.mobi’s VSMP Program fulfils many roles. For WM, it secures saturation and global zero-cost retail marketing capacities globally, directly to Eligible Entities’ existing members. For the Eligible Entities it secures an instant generation of revenues from more than 20 additional revenue streams – which they would otherwise not be able to acquire – at zero cost.

Moreover, the VSMP Program provides an equal-opportunity playing field to all acquiring Entities or persons, where the opportunity to be successful is not dependent on money, status or artificial support mechanisms – but rather just on people’s own personal excellence, and their desire to succeed.


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https://webtel.mobi/pc (Tablets / Laptops / Desktops)
https://webtel.mobi (Smart Phones)
https://webtel.mobi/wap (Pre-Smart Mobile Phones)