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West Kalimantan Governor distributes aid to control inflation

Pontianak (ANTARA) – West Kalimantan Governor Sutarmidji, Kalbar Bank Director H. Rokidi, and several Regional Governmental Apparatus Organization (OPD) leaders distributed social aid (Bansos) to residents to control and mitigate inflation in Mempawah Regency, West Kalimantan.The social aid was provided in the form of staple goods. “This aid is expected to control inflation as a high rate of inflation could cause a decline in the people’s purchasing power. Weak purchasing power will in turn lead to an increase in the unemployment and poverty rate,” Sutarmidji said in JongkatDistrict, Mempawah, on Saturday. Overall, a total of 400 packages containing rice, sugar, cooking oil, milk, instant coffee, and instant noodles were distributed to the local community. In addition to staple goods, the provincial government handed over assistance to a number of mosques, such as Babul Jannah Mosque, Al Qomar Mosque, and Mujahidin Mosque, which received Rp100 million each, while five other mosques received Rp50 million each. Furthermore, Rp75 million in assistance was also handed over to Ar-Rasyid Antibar Foundation in Mempawah. During the event, the governor also called on the community to participate in the National Healthcare and Social Security Agency (BPJS) program and be fully aware of the importance of formal education for children. “We (the provincial government) have waived tuition at public schools, so we expect everyone having children of school age to register them at schools. As for the related necessities, we have prepared 20 thousand30 thousand complete sets of school necessities ranging from shirts, pants, ties, bags, and shoes. No more reasons to not participate,” he remarked.

Source:Antara News Agency