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When Julius Speaks – EFF Leader On Race, Politics and Everything [analysis]

On Monday 30 March, the EFF leader Julius Malema held a gathering of foreign correspondents captive – with his words – as he outlined his party’s policies, answered questions – and left not a few questions still unanswered. J. BROOKS SPECTOR was there to watch the show.

In the past few years there have been numerous moments, too many to count at current rates, when Economic Freedom Front founder-leader Julius Malema has expounded on his political ideas and plans for South Africa. Rather more rarely, however, has he opened up quite so much about what is behind his political agenda – and about how he thinks of the country’s economy. A meeting with many of the South Africa-based foreign correspondents (save for those off in Nigeria watching those developments) was one of those times – especially since it was pitched as a way to launch his thoughts out onto the global discussion about South Africa’s future – and his likely place in it.

Oddly, his pronouncements may have been slightly overshadowed by other breaking events, even beyond the Nigerian election. Among others there was comedian Trevor Noah’s selection to succeed Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, the America-based satirical news…

Source : Daily Maverick