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WM’s TUV Potentially Eclipses all Cryptocurrencies

ST PETER PORT, Guernsey and NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Telephony Company,, (“WM”) is about to recommence unrestricted Global Operations with a Global Digital Currency that it has been confidentially testing and refining since 2009.

WM first developed its TUV Digital Currency as a fully functional dual-use product – a Global Top-Up Voucher for Mobile Telephony Services and a fully transferable and convertible multicurrency Digital Currency.

Rather than rush it to market, WM then spent nine years carrying out restricted Global Operations to an intentionally limited market to ensure its TUV complied with all relevant legal, regulatory and security requirements; and a further three years rebuilding its Platform 2 incorporating all required refinements.

Now, with Platform 2 complete, the result is a Global Digital Currency with all the attributes of Cryptocurrencies, and many more that Cryptocurrencies do not have and cannot achieve. Some of the differences include the following:

Functions with Distributed Ledger + Blockchain Yes Yes
Has Private Keys + Encryption Yes Yes
Can Recover Asset if Key is Lost No Yes
Has Price and Value Stability No Yes
Is 1:1 secured with Funds for a 100% Reserve No Yes
Securing Funds in a Regulated Bank Account No Yes
Can be Reconverted to Funds on Demand No Yes
On-Demand Conversions between Currencies No Yes
Is Environmentally Friendly No Yes
Is in a Regulated Environment No Yes
Can be used for Mainstream Payments No Yes
TUVs instantly Created from Mobile Phones No Yes
Functions PP2P with no Intermediaries No Yes
Cost +/- USD 50 000.00 Free

Prior to recommencing unrestricted Global Operations, WM provided its System and TUV Digital Currency to the Levy Economics Institute – one of the world’s foremost economic Research Organizations – for review.
The Head of Research of the Levy Economics Institute – Professor Jan Kregel – concluded after a year of review that WM’s System and TUV had attributes that Cryptocurrencies did not have and could not achieve. Moreover, it had the capacity to reform aspects of the current Global Financial System.

This could spell the end of the recent clear run for Cryptocurrencies, which under such circumstances lose their reason for existing.

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