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Wow Tiew Kai, a restaurant for chicken noodle eaters

A Thai entrepreneur is opening a restaurant in Vientiane offering local eaters a choice alternative to chicken noodle soups in Thailand.

“I am a Thai. I have been living in Laos for many years and I have found that many Lao people like eating noodles very much, especially pho and rice noodle soup (Lao traditional cuisine),” said Mr Suvath Thepsaly, owner of Wow Tieu Kai.

“Some Lao people like eating chicken noodle soups in Thailand and this makes me want to run a business selling this kind of food. So I have decided to open this Wow Tiew Kai Restaurant so that Lao people can try a different taste of Thai noodles,” said Mr Suvath.

Mr Suvath said all dishes at his restaurant are cooked according to Thai recipe and are different from typical noodle soups in Vientiane.

He said the soup at his restaurant is tastier because the soup is a mixture of chicken and herbs stewed together for almost 6 hours.

“The soup features herbs and bitter gourd (locally known as mak ha) which tastes bitter a little bit but is healthy,” said Mr Suvath.

“Those noodle eaters, who currently cannot go to Thailand to have doodle there due to the closure of border crossings, may opt to eat chicken noodle soup at our restaurant or place an order via Food Panda or give us a call,” said Mr Suvath.

“I have tried a chicken noodle soup here and I felt it is different from Lao pho as its taste is unique. I hope many Lao people will like it like me,” said a customer Mr Anoulak Thammavong.

Wow Tiew Kai Restaurant can be found at Kamphengmeuang Road, Phonpapao village, Sisattanak district, Vientiane.

Source: Lao News Agency