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Xayabouly Records More Than 37,000 Tourist Arrivals

The arrival of tourists visiting Xayabouly Province in the first three months of 2017 was recorded at more than 37,000, with a cash flow of over 40 billion kip (US$ 4,861,620).

The Information, Culture and Tourism Division of Xayabouly Province reported that the influx of tourists to Xayabouly province was mainly during the elephant festival as last year, over 150,000 local and overseas tourists traveled to the Elephant Festival.

The elephant festival is held every year in Hongsa district, Xayabouly Province, aiming to promote Lao culture and lifestyle as well as the tourism industry in Laos.

Xayabouly province is blessed with natural tourist and historical sites, such as a natural water spring in Phon village and Phahouay cave in Somsavath village, in Phieng district.

Xayabouly province will continue the development of tourism services and improve tourist sites and its infrastructure, including roads, the airport, communication, public facilities, hotels and restaurants

The local people in Xayabouly Province are mainly from Lao ethnic groups, including the Hmong, Khmu, Tai Dam, Lue, Htin, Phai, Kri, and Akha.

Source: Lao News Agency