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Xayabouri Dam Construction 73% Complete

The Construction Project of Xayaboury Hydropower Power Project is reportedly 73 per cent complete since construction commenced in 2012.

The US$3.5 billion Xayaboury Hydroelectric Power Project is expected to be complete by 2019, according to an authority of the Xayaboury Power Company.

The project will generate about 1,285 MW and the total direct revenue from the Xayaboury Project for the Lao government from the 29-year concession is estimated to be nearly US$4 billion per year (US$135 million) including US$1.89 billion in royalties, US$1.37 billion as dividends, and US$637 million in taxes.

The main purpose of the dam is to produce hydroelectric power. The project is surrounded in controversy due to complaints from downstream riparians and environmentalists.

The 1,285 MW Xayaboury Project is the second largest among nine power plants currently under construction following the Hongsa Mine Mount Power Plant, which is also located in Xayaboury Province, and has an installed generation capacity of 1,878 MW.

Of the total amount of electricity produced by the project, 1,225 MW will be sold to Thailand and some 60 MW will be sold to Electricite du Laos for domestic consumption.

Lao PDR has the potential to develop 100 more hydroelectric power projects with a combined generation capacity of 28,000 MW.

Source: Lao News Agency