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Xayaboury Farmers Seek More Markets

Farmers in Xayaboury Province are failing to receive a fair market price for their produce including a large amount of maize, sesame, Job’s tears and cassava, said a National Assembly member.

As the result, National Assembly (NA) member to the 7th constituency of Xayaboury Province Mrs Ithmany Chanthakhoun, representing the farmers of Xayaboury Province, last week asked the ongoing NA meeting to help Xayaboury farmers through the government seek additional markets for their agricultural produce to receive fair prices and for mutual benefit.

She highlighted that Xayaboury is a main agriculture producing province and has high yields, but has suffered from a shortage of purchasing markets.

Over the past few years, the markets that purchased its agricultural produce were neighboring markets but those markets were quite limited in volume or bought very little.

This year, the neighboring markets will purchase maize quite cheap at about 1,000-2,000 kip per kilogram and Job’s tears at about 2,000 kip per kilogram.

Source: Lao News Agency