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Xayaboury Power Plant 82% Completed

Constructors of the ongoing Xayaboury hydropower plant have said that 82 % of planned construction activities have been carried out since its construction started in early 2012, an official has said.

The contractors are in the process of installing power generators and the installation is expected to be completed by mid 2019, according to Mr Anuparp Wonglakorn, Deputy Managing Director, Operations and Maintenance, Xayaburi Power Company Limited.

From this point of time until 2019, the focus will be placed on the installation of 8 power generators. They will be installed one by one. Once the installation is completed we will have a test operation. Since this Mekong hydropower project has been designed to be a model project, it is necessary to ensure that the most cutting edge technology is applied to its construction and that every process of the project complies with the safety and environment-related standards as required by the 1995 Mekong Agreement, said Mr Anuparp.

Along with the construction progress, the contractors have completed the resettlement of affected communities and the restoration of their livelihoods.

We have built them houses and public utilities and provided them farmlands and training on vocational skills. All of these comply with the agreement the project has signed with the government of the Lao PDR. Today, the people have better jobs. They have more incomes than in the past and enjoy better living standards, said the deputy managing director.

The US$ 3.8-billion hydropower project is designed to have an installed generation capacity of 1,285 mwh.

Of the total power output, 1225 mw will be sold to Thailand (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand � EGAT) and the rest 60 mw will be sold domestically.

Source: Lao News Agency