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Xayabury Exports Over 76,000 Livestock

Achieving total export of more than 76,000 cattle, goats, and pigs last year, the authorities of the northern province Xayaboury are committed to promoting animal farming as well as to providing technical assistance to local farmers.

The exported animals included 12,600 cows, over 6,300 buffalo, and 57,000 pigs.

Livestock production in the province has enjoyed significant growth due to the shift in farming techniques from subsistent to more commercial over recent years.

“Livestock has become a key export for the province because of the use of better varieties and the shift in farming patterns as more people prefer to farm animals rather than employing traditional techniques,” said Director General of the Xayaboury Provincial Department of Agriculture and Forestry Mr Khamla Phiouvanna.

The number of buffalo increased to 51,900 from over 48,000 reported last year. Meanwhile, the number of cows has climbed to 138,000 from 135,000 reported in 2016, and the number of pigs increased slightly to 148,000, changing by only 1,900.

Goats have increased by 1,000 to 12,800. Meanwhile, more than 2 million poultry are farmed in the province.

There are 42 chicken farms, including 32 egg producing poultry farms, as well as eight duck farms in Xayaboury Province.

Source: Lao News Agency