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Xaybandith Rasphone Resigned from LFF

Lao Football Federation General Secretary Xaybandith Rasphone officially resigned from the Lao Football Federation on 8 January after writing a letter to the FIFA, Asian Football Confederation and Asean Football Federation on January 4.

Former General Secretary Xaybandith has written an official letter to announce his resignation from the Lao Football Federation to the international football associations, while the federation appointed Deputy General Secretary of the federation since 2011, Ms Yodkeo Phawadee, to be the Acting General Secretary of federation.

After a full term of six years at the top of management of the Lao Football Federation as its Executive General Secretary to manage and deal with high demanding day-to-day football business, now it’s time to make way for a new team to carry on the challenging and on-going activities.

He said, I will continue to contribute in any way possible to the development of football in Laos by making use of my experiences acquired during those years in the capacity as Football Ambassador and I will carry on my duty to support the development and promotion of football in the region as Alternate Member of the AFF Council as well as AFC Social Corporate Responsibilities member committee until end of those terms.

According to the President of the Lao Football Federation Mr Viphet Sihachack told journalist that Mr Xaybandith has a bit hard for his own businesses to work with the federation but he still promised to promote the Lao football circle.

Source: Lao News Agency