Xieng Khuang Plans to Expand Animal Husbandry by 5% Annually | Lao Tribune

Xieng Khuang Plans to Expand Animal Husbandry by 5% Annually

Xieng Khuang Province has an ambitious plan to expand animal husbandry by at least 5 per cent per year through 2020 aiming to reduce poverty among local people, according to the Vice Governor of Xieng Khuang Province Mr. Khampao Mao.

In 2016, the agriculture sector grew 3.01 per cent representing 38.77% of provincial GDP. The industry sector was up 11.31 per cent representing 36.14 % of its GDP, and the service sector rose 12.11 per cent representing 25.09% of GDP. The average annual per capita income is US$1,500, Mr Khampao said.

Xieng Khuang Province has 26 Technical Service Centres to improve animal raising techniques, provide animal breeding services and also to disseminate technology information to local people.

Currently, the number of poor family remains 2.02 per cent and developed villages represent 50.83 % of the province, Mr. Khampao said.

Xieng Khuang Province is expanding grass plantation areas for cattle husbandry to 13 hectares in three districts.

Xieng Khuang’s economy has grown by 8.5 percent annually and GDP was up from 2.5 trillion kip (almost US$305 million) in 2015 to over 2.9 trillion kip (over US$353 million) in 2016.

In addition, Xieng Khuang Province has sold the Khao Kai Noi sticky rice strain to the Lao Brewery Company and exports to Japan, France and China.

Authorities are encouraging local rice farmers to grow more organic rice farms of Khao Kai Noi because it has high potential for export and offers good prices to local growers.

Source: Lao News Agency