Xiengkhouang Approves 400 Million Kip to Turn Leaders' Cave into Tourist Attraction | Lao Tribune

Xiengkhouang Approves 400 Million Kip to Turn Leaders’ Cave into Tourist Attraction

Xiengkhouang authorities have approved 400 million kip (USD 48,560) to turn a cave in Tai village, Peak district into a historical tourist site in the province.

The transformation is expected to be completed within four months by the Chenghong Construction and Bridge Company.

The cave was used by revolutionary leaders between 1961 and the mid�70s. It housed offices of the leaders including President Nouhak Phoumsavanh, President Khamtay Siphandone, Mr Phoumy Vongvichit, Mr Phoun Sipaseuth, Mr Saman Viyaket and Mr Singkapo Chounlamany.

The restoration includes the construction of a 1-km access road and a parking area.

Over 74,000 tourists visited Xiengkhouang last year generating an income of US$ 7 million, said Deputy Director of Xiengkhouang Information, Culture and Tourism Mr Syvilay Oudomsouk. This year we expect to see the number of visitors in our province reaching more than 80,000.

There are over 60 tourist sites in the province. These include 32 natural tourist sites, 18 cultural sites and 13 historical sites.

The most popular sites include the Plain of Jars � the prehistoric stone megaliths which attract thousands of tourists, Wat Phia Wat, waterfalls and hot springs.

The Lao government is currently finalising an application for the World Heritage Committee to consider listing the Plain of Jars as a World Heritage Site.

The area is also of significant archaeological importance on account of the standing stones in nearby Huaphan province.

Xiengkhouang shares borders with Huaphan, Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Xaysomboun and Bolikhamxai provinces, as well as an international border with Vietnam’s Nghe An Province. Xiengkhouang has a long and rich history and is home to numerous ethnic groups, including the Thai Phuan, Hmong, Khmu and Tai Dam.

Source: Lao News Agency