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Zhejiang Seeks Stronger Cooperation With Foreign Media

(KPL) Over 120 media practitioners representing 67 countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa attended the first Zhejiang Media Cooperation and Communication Forum with International Friendship Cities held on 11 October 2019 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

The forum was supported by the Information Office of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, co-sponsored by Zhejiang Daily Press Group and Zhejiang Radio & TV Group, and hosted by Zhejiang TV Station International Channel.

The topic for the one-day forum was “Mutual Learning, Cooperation, and Communication representing people’s desires for more sustainable and deeper media cooperation in the face of the dramatically changing global media landscape.

The participants discussed a mutual cooperative framework on media development.

They shared ideas that media organizations should promote mutually fruitful cooperation and push forward the long-term concrete attempts for sustainable development.

Senior South Africa Diplomat Gert Grobler urged media organisations to seek short and long-term cooperation and open mind to cope with major challenges.

Sabri Bilal Ahmed, a journalist of Pakistan, noted China’s success in technology, infrastructure, innovation, green development, and Information Technology.

China has generously shared its success with fellow countries. And the Belt and Road Initiative is one of those steps which reflect caring and sharing for others, said Sabri Bilal Ahmed.

With the presentation of the truth, the media can help remove mistrust and suspicion from the minds of the doubtful. That’s why comprehensive cooperation among media outlets of participating countries of the initiative has now become a necessary, he said.

Zhejiang is one of China’s economic and cultural hubs with strong economy and has achieved social-economic development unaccountably.

Source: Lao News Agency