Nitto ATP Finals, the tennis competition turns the spotlight on the cultural and gastronomic riches of Turin and Piedmont

Italy Nitto ATP Finals

Until 20 November, Turin and Piedmont are hosting the second edition of one of the most important tournaments in men’s tennis: the Nitto ATP Finals, organised by the FIT (Italian Tennis Federation) and the ATP (Association of Professional Tennis Players). Pictured, some of the local attractions.

TURIN, Italy, Nov. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Not only tennis. Until 20 November, Turin and Piedmont are hosting the second edition of one of the most important tournaments in men’s tennis: the Nitto ATP Finals, organised by the FIT (Italian Tennis Federation) and the ATP (Association of Professional Tennis Players).

However, the world’s best eight tennis players have turned the media spotlight not only on the Pala Alpitour court where they are competing, but also on the city and the whole of Piedmont.

Turin is in turmoil thanks to a rich calendar of activities and events that are animating the city centre and its main venues: Palazzo Madama, Piazza San Carlo, Via Roma, Piazza Vittorio. While Piedmont in general is a destination in recent weeks for tourists and especially foreign journalists who are discovering and reporting on the region at an international level, thanks to a press tour in some of Asti and Alessandria Monferrato area, organised by Visit Piemonte, the regional marketing and promotion company.

In Turin, tourists, journalists and sports lovers can enjoy a dynamic cultural scene with over 50 museums, including the Egyptian Museum, the MAUTO-National Automobile Museum, the Royal Museums, the MAO-Museum of Oriental Art and the GAM-Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art. Turin is also home to the Royal Residences of the House of Savoy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, which allows a fascinating journey through Piedmont’s art treasures and nature. Designed and embellished by leading architects and artists between the 17th and 18th centuries, the royal residences stretch from the centre of Turin to the immediate surroundings, touching the Langhe and Canavese.

The city of vermouth, homemade ice creams, gianduiotti and breadsticks, Turin’s culinary tradition is for true connoisseurs, with Michelin-starred restaurants and the typical trattorias. But the list of the cities of art and culture of Piedmont is long: Alessandria, with its Baroque buildings, scenic squares, streets, and stores; Asti, with the Palio, the famous medieval commemoration held every year in September, the artistic heritage ranging from Romanesque to Baroque, in the heart of the Vineyard Landscape of Langhe Roero and Monferrato UNESCO; Alba, a Creative City for Gastronomy UNESCO and capital of the famous white truffle; Biella, among the UNESCO Creative Cities for “Crafts & Folk Art”; Cuneo, known for its seventeenth-century Cathedral of Santa Maria del Bosco, the Church of Santa Chiara, Palazzo Audifreddi, the church of St. Ambrose; Novara, surrounded by plains and rice fields, with medieval midtown, and the soaring brick dome of the Basilica of San Gaudenzio, the highest in Europe. Verbania, “a garden on the lake”, with the Borromean Islands and the Botanical Gardens of Villa Taranto – 1,000 plants and 20,000 varieties and species of interest; Vercelli, a stop for pilgrims on their way from Canterbury to Rome and an important junction of the Via Francigena, as well as the European capital of rice and an economic-social laboratory.

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MeituEve’s Exhibition in Cosmoprof Asia 2022 Showcases Its Evidence-Based AI Skin Analysis Technology to Help Business Owners Shape the Future of Beauty Business

MeituEve presents its latest innovative products and services at the leading B2B beauty exhibition – Cosmoprof Asia.

MeituEve at Cosmoprof Onstage

MeituEve at Cosmoprof Onstage

SINGAPORE, Nov. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At Cosmoprof Asia 2022 – Singapore special edition, MeituEve and the world’s leading beauty businesses shared their successes and presented the latest innovative technology at the trade show and a special live stage event – Cosmo Onstage – where people can discover beauty trends come to life.

MeituEve’s display area at Singapore Expo highlights surprising user-friendly devices that can complement any modern beauty salon or beauty brand counter. The exhibition booth has attracted hundreds of beauty business owners, skincare enthusiasts and other individuals, and provided them with detailed skin insight reports brought by panoramic AI skin analyzers. Beyond the skin analyzers, MeituEve offers business owners SaaS service to help them adapt in a new era of retail, as consumers are looking for scientific solutions with proven data. Recently, MeituEve participated in publishing Evaluation Criteria for Human Skin Aging, which bridges the gap of Asian skin standards. Because of MeituEve’s recent success, it has been nominated for a special onstage live show.

MeituEve adheres to the principle of “Reveal consumer insights with scientific proof” and takes the lead in attempting to develop omni-channel AI skin analyzers for various business scenarios. During the live show, MeituEve introduced its consumer omni-channel skincare insight solution with its latest products and services, perfectly showcasing how skin science and business intelligence work together. In the demo session, MeituEve showed how the 3D panoramic AI skin analyzer works and interpreted the skin insight report in detail, which helps business owners fully appreciate comprehensive and scientific-based skin analysis with standards.

MeituEve has dedicated years to deep-learning based algorithms for skin issues, and has jointly released two major scientific research achievements that were selected for publication in the Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID) and the International Society for Biophysics and Imaging of the Skin (ISBS). With MeituEve’s entry into Southeast Asia, the population will have access to state-of-the-art technology, and, more importantly, have a more scientific understanding of their own skin.

About MeituEve

Our products and services support beauty businesses. We use AI skin diagnostics to observe and identify skincare needs, helping beauty consultants and customers to know the WHAT, WHY and HOW of achieving healthier skin.

Based on award-winning algorithms and patented technologies, MeituEve offers panoramic AI skin analyzers, a hand-held skin analyzer and a photo-based skin analysis app for O2O scenarios.

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Image 1: MeituEve at Cosmoprof Onstage

MeituEve has been nominated for a special onstage live show.

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You Can Now Mint XEN Crypto for Free on OKC

VICTORIA, Seychelles, Nov. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKC (OKX Chain), the EVM and IBC compatible chain backed by OKX – the world’s second-largest crypto exchange by trading volume – today announced an integration with XEN Crypto, the fastest-growing community in the crypto space. Now, users can mint and stake XEN tokens on OKC.

XEN Crypto is a fair crypto for the masses, based on the first principles, delineated by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin Whitepaper and realized by Jack Levin, the founder of XEN, it aims to empower the individual with no pre-mint for investors and founders, an immutable contract with no admin keys, and proof of participation protocol.

“Over 60 million wallet addresses have engaged with the XEN ecosystem since launch. Staying true to first principles of Crypto, XEN has experienced one of the fastest-growing engagements with its users. We are pleased to be welcomed by the OKX Crypto Ecosystem, bringing the friendliest, lowest barrier-to-entry Crypto Project to its new playground,” shares Levin.

“There is no better project that we could work with, considering the fair launch nature of XEN, reiterating why we are all here in the first place. The OKC team is always looking for the next project that could provide better utility and experience for our users, and one that could also inspire innovation within the ecosystem – we’re happy to have XEN integrated with us,” Chai Li, Head of OKC Ecosystem elaborates.

OKC users can mint XEN tokens and stake to mint more XEN with OKX Web3 wallet or Metamask. Users can stay updated with the XEN project’s latest developments through OKC’s Twitter channel (@okcnetwork).

About OKC

OKC (OKX Chain) is an EVM-compatible L1 built on Cosmos with a focus on true interoperability (IBC) and maximized performance. At high scalability, developers can build and scale with low gas fees. The OKC ecosystem and infrastructure, including the all-in-one multi-chain Web3 interface, enables a seamless experience for both developers and users.
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NASA Capsule Buzzes Moon, Last Big Step Before Lunar Orbit

NASA’s Orion capsule reached the moon Monday, whipping around the back side and passing within 80 miles (128 kilometers) on its way to a record-breaking lunar orbit.
The close approach occurred as the crew capsule and its three test dummies were on the far side of the moon. Because of the half-hour communication blackout, flight controllers in Houston did not know if the critical engine firing went well until the capsule emerged from behind the moon, more than 232,000 miles (375,000 kilometers) from Earth.
It’s the first time a capsule has visited the moon since NASA’s Apollo program 50 years ago, and represented a huge milestone in the $4.1 billion test flight that began last Wednesday. Orion’s flight path took it over the landing sites of Apollo 11, 12 and 14 — humanity’s first three lunar touchdowns.
The moon loomed ever larger in the video beamed back earlier in the morning, as the capsule closed the final few thousand miles since blasting off last Wednesday from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, atop the most powerful rocket ever built by NASA.
“This is one of those days that you’ve been thinking about and talking about for a long, long time,” flight director Zeb Scoville said while awaiting to resume contact.
As the capsule swung out from behind the moon, onboard cameras sent back a picture of Earth — a blue dot surrounded by blackness.
Orion needed to slingshot around the moon to pick up enough speed to enter the sweeping, lopsided lunar orbit. If all continues to go well, another engine firing will place the capsule in that orbit Friday.
Next weekend, Orion will shatter NASA’s distance record for a spacecraft designed for astronauts — nearly 250,000 miles (400,000 kilometers) from Earth, set by Apollo 13 in 1970. And it will keep going, reaching a maximum distance from Earth next Monday at nearly 270,000 miles (433,000 kilometers).
The capsule will spend close to a week in lunar orbit, before heading home. A Pacific splashdown is planned for Dec. 11.
Orion has no lunar lander; a touchdown won’t come until NASA astronauts attempt a lunar landing in 2025 with SpaceX’s Starship. Before then, however, astronauts will strap into Orion for a ride around the moon as early as 2024.
NASA managers were delighted with the progress of the mission. The Space Launch System rocket performed exceedingly well in its debut, they told reporters late last week.
The 322-foot (98-meter) rocket caused more damage than expected, however, at the Kennedy Space Center launch pad. The force from the 8.8 million pounds (4 million kilograms) of liftoff thrust was so great that it tore off the blast doors of the elevator.

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WHO Identifying Potential Pandemic Pathogens

The World Health Organization said Monday it was thrashing out a new list of priority pathogens that risk sparking pandemics or outbreaks and should be kept under close observation.
The WHO said the aim was to update a list used to guide global research and development (R&D) and investment, especially in vaccines, tests and treatments.
As part of that process, which started Friday, the United Nations’ health agency is convening more than 300 scientists to consider evidence on more than 25 virus families and bacteria.
They will also consider the so-called Disease X, an unknown pathogen that could cause a serious international epidemic.
“Targeting priority pathogens and virus families for research and development of countermeasures is essential for a fast and effective epidemic and pandemic response,” said WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan.
“Without significant R&D investments prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it would not have been possible to have safe and effective vaccines developed in record time.”
The list was first published in 2017.
It currently includes COVID-19, Ebola virus disease and Marburg virus disease, Lassa fever, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Nipah, Zika and Disease X.
For each pathogen identified as a priority, experts will pinpoint knowledge gaps and research priorities.
Desired specifications for vaccines, treatments and diagnostic tests can then be drawn up.
Efforts are also made to facilitate clinical trials to develop such tools, while efforts to strengthen regulatory and ethics oversight are also considered.
The revised list is expected to be published before April 2023.
Pandemic treaty
The pathogen threat sessions come as the WHO prepares for the next round of talks toward a pandemic treaty.
An intergovernmental negotiating body is paving the way toward a global agreement that could eventually regulate how nations prepare for and respond to future pandemic threats.
They are due to meet in Geneva from December 5 to 7 for a third meeting to draft and negotiate a WHO convention or other kind of international agreement on pandemic preparedness and response.
A progress report will be presented to WHO member states next year, with the final outcome presented for their consideration in 2024.
An initial draft text for the December meeting emerged last week.
The Panel for a Global Public Health Convention, an independent coalition of statespersons and health leaders, said the draft did not go far enough, despite its bright spots.
The panel said Monday that more should be done to establish accountability and clear timelines for alert and response to avoid damaging consequences when an outbreak emerges.
“Once an outbreak is detected, there are often a few critical hours to report, assess and act to stop the spread of a disease before it becomes virtually unstoppable,” the panel said in a statement.
“The current draft does not go far enough to call out the urgency needed to either prepare for disease X or known pathogens, or to respond at the early stage,” it said.
“From December 2019 when information about the new coronavirus was suppressed, to multiple countries taking a ‘wait and see’ approach when Covid-19 cases were first reported … we’ve seen the damaging consequences of inaction at the onset.”

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Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam enhance cooperation on Triangle Development Project

Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam have signed a joint statement in the framework of CLV to strengthen the cooperation on Triangle Development Project (CLV) in the border area among Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
The signing ceremony was held in Phnom Penh on November 20 where Cambodia’s parliament hosts the ASEAN International Conference (AIPA).
The agreement was signed by the President of the National Assembly of Cambodia, Heng Samrin, and President of the National Assembly of Laos, Mr Xaysomphone Phomvihanh, and the President of the National Assembly of Vietnamese, Mr Veung Dinh Fey.
The deeper and wider parliamentary operations in the participation of the Development Triangle Development Area (CLV) project in the border area of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam to be more effective.

Source: Lao News Agency