Telesis Bio Announces First Commercial Shipment of BioXp® Select DNA Cloning Kit

New Kit Enables Automation of DNA Cloning on the BioXp® System Beginning from Linear DNA, Further Expanding the Utility, Speed, and Impact of the BioXp® Automated Molecular Biology Workstation

SAN DIEGO, May 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Telesis Bio Inc. (NASDAQ: TBIO), a leader in automated multi-omic and synthetic biology solutions, today announced the first commercial shipment of its BioXp® Select DNA Cloning kit. The BioXp® Select DNA Cloning kit enables on-demand and automated assembly of DNA fragments via Gibson Assembly® or Golden Gate assembly cloning methods beginning from the customer’s linear DNA.

The continued expansion of automation capabilities of the BioXp® platform that enable researchers to build DNA and mRNA constructs beginning with linear DNA or plasmid DNA input is expected to further empower researchers to optimize and accelerate their discovery workflows. By providing researchers greater workflow flexibility and automated options to build their DNA or mRNA constructs, they can overcome current bottlenecks created by long synthesis lead times and streamline their design-build-test workflows. Thus, creating efficiencies and accelerating their discovery process.

“The principle of RNAimmune’s proprietary technology is the use of mRNA as a data carrier to instruct the human body to produce its own proteins capable of fighting a wide range of diseases. Our research focuses on optimizing the mRNA molecule for delivery, function, and other key characteristics and requires rapid analysis and iteration. The BioXp® System is a key part of our process, enabling us to reduce timelines, eliminate manual steps, and more broadly test and iterate. We expect the new Select DNA Cloning kit to be of great value in our candidate optimization and screening workflows for mRNA vaccines,” said Dong Shen, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and President of RNAimmune.

“The BioXp® Select kit line expands the utility of the system by enabling researchers to begin from existing linear DNA or plasmid DNA. This is our fourth release in 2023, and throughout the year we plan additional releases for DNA and mRNA synthesis beginning from the customer’s sequence, linear DNA, or plasmid DNA, and to expand the BioXp® system to automate NGS Library Preparation thereby providing many customers with a more complete solution for many DNA and mRNA applications,” said Todd R. Nelson, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Telesis Bio. “We believe our BioXp® system can empower researchers to accelerate their breakthrough discoveries. The BioXp® System has the potential to significantly reduce timelines, manual steps, and costs for constructing synthetic DNA and RNA for numerous downstream applications including vaccine development, therapeutics development, diagnostics, precision medicine, and DNA data storage,” continued Todd R. Nelson.

For more information on BioXp® Select DNA Cloning Kit please visit: 

About Telesis Bio
Telesis Bio is empowering scientists with the ability to create novel, synthetic biology-enabled solutions for many of humanity’s greatest challenges. As inventors of the industry-standard Gibson Assembly® method and the first commercial automated benchtop DNA and mRNA synthesis system, Telesis Bio is enabling rapid, accurate and reproducible writing of DNA and mRNA for numerous downstream markets. The award-winning BioXp® systems consolidate, automate, and optimize the entire synthesis, cloning and amplification workflow. As a result, they deliver virtually error-free synthesis of DNA and RNA at scale within days and hours instead of weeks or months. Scientists around the world are using the technology in their own laboratories to accelerate the design-build-test paradigm for novel, high-value products for precision medicine, biologics drug discovery, vaccine and therapeutic development, genome editing, and cell and gene therapy. Telesis Bio is a public company based in San Diego. For more information, visit

Telesis Bio, the Telesis Bio logo, Gibson Assembly, and BioXp are trademarks of Telesis Bio Inc.

About RNAimmune

RNAimmune is an international biopharmaceutical company focusing on mRNA vaccine and therapeutics development. Its global headquarter is in Germantown, Maryland, USA, while the China headquarter is located in International BioIsland, Guangzhou. RNAimmune has received a global exclusive right to the proprietary Polypeptide Lipid Nanoparticle (PLNP) technology for mRNA delivery from Sirnaomics. In addition, RNAimmune has various independent proprietary R&D platforms, including artificial-intelligence and directed neoantigen prediction, ALEPVA algorithm for nucleic acid sequence design and lipid nanoparticle (LNP) carrier systems. RNAimmune also deployed various vaccines and therapeutics pipelines, including vaccines for infectious diseases (COVID-19, influenza, VZV and RSV etc.) and cancer vaccines (RAS, NY-ESO-1), and protein replacement medication. RNAimmune has extremely high potential and has become one of the leading companies in the field of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. Learn more at:

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements. All statements other than statements of historical facts contained herein are forward-looking statements reflecting the current beliefs and expectations of management made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements include statements and guidance regarding Telesis Bio’s future financial performance as well as statements regarding the future release and success of new and existing products and services. Such statements are based on current assumptions that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual outcomes and results to differ materially. These risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond our control, include risks described in the section entitled Risk Factors and elsewhere in our Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q, which was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 12, 2023. These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date hereof and should not be unduly relied upon. Telesis Bio disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

Jen Carroll
Vice President of Investor Relations

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Telstra Ventures-backed LambdaTest expands in the ANZ Region

LambdaTest provides an enterprise execution environment for organizations undergoing rapid digital transformation. Backed by Telstra Ventures, LambdaTest addresses the growing demand for secure and compliant test execution infrastructure within their private cloud.

San Francisco, May 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LambdaTest, a leading intelligent digital experience testing cloud, announced that its innovative solution for test execution and orchestration now supports private cloud in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) region.

By offering flexible deployment options for its unified Enterprise Execution Environment (E3) within the private cloud of an enterprise, LambdaTest addresses security and privacy concerns, while revolutionizing test execution and orchestration for ANZ enterprises that are undergoing rapid digital transformation.

As more and more ANZ enterprises are moving towards a digital-first approach, having a seamless digital experience is becoming important for organizations to maintain their bottom lines. For faster digital feature releases, they need to also test their features faster, which often becomes a bottleneck in continuous processes. Adopting cloud-based continuous testing mitigates this challenge, however, for data security and other compliance-conscious organizations, adopting public cloud solutions becomes a roadblock.

Recognizing the paramount importance of security and compliance, LambdaTest offers a unique solution with its intelligent Enterprise Execution Environment (E3) that can be deployed in customer private cloud infrastructure within the ANZ region. LambdaTest allows enterprises to have complete control over their testing environments, ensuring compliance with industry regulations while maintaining data security.

Enterprises can efficiently orchestrate and run their tests within their private cloud and also adhere to data protection, confidentiality, security, and compliance for applications under test. With Just in-time capabilities, enterprises can scale their test execution infrastructure while optimizing their costs and resources and accelerating time-to-market.

“The ANZ region is experiencing an accelerated pace of digital transformation, and LambdaTest is excited to be at the forefront of this evolution by providing a highly reliable and intelligent test orchestration and execution platform to cater to enterprises in the region,” said Jay Singh, Co-Founder at LambdaTest. “We understand the security and compliance concerns in the region and enterprises can now orchestrate and run their tests at a massive scale within their private cloud using LambdaTest’s Enterprise Execution Environment.”

LambdaTest’s entry into the Australia and New Zealand region is supported by Telstra Ventures. This partnership showcases the confidence and support for LambdaTest’s innovative approach to test execution and orchestration.

Steve Schmidt, General Partner at Telstra Ventures said, “As software is being more embedded into our daily lives, more companies are being forced to build or significantly enhance their software factories.  Given the sheer scale and velocity of new software being developed, companies are needing to automate as much of the testing process as possible.  While LambdaTest already has over 2M users, supporting the private cloud deployment option will open new markets to customers needing the highest levels of security and compliance”.

With its entry into Australia and New Zealand region, LambdaTest aims to be a catalyst in transforming the way enterprises execute and orchestrate their tests. By providing a comprehensive and secure testing solution, LambdaTest empowers organizations to enhance the quality of their applications, improve time to market, and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

About Telstra Ventures:
Telstra Ventures identifies what’s next, right now. Telstra Ventures serves extraordinary leaders and helps them achieve their dreams. In our first ten years, 92 investments have generated 37 liquidity events including Auth0, BigCommerce, Box, Cloopen, CrowdStrike, DocuSign, Rancher, Skillz, Snap, and Whispir. To date, our Revenue Acceleration Platform has driven > A$750 million in revenue for our portfolio companies, extending their reach across Australia, Asia, UK and the US. In 2022, we announced the close of our third fund, bringing Funds Under Management to A$1.3 billion, making us one of the largest VCs in the ANZ region. To see our full portfolio and learn more, visit

About LambdaTest

LambdaTest is an intelligent unified digital experience testing cloud that helps businesses drastically reduce time to market through faster test execution, ensuring quality releases and accelerated digital transformation. Over 10,000+ enterprise customers and 2+ million users across 130+ countries rely on LambdaTest for their testing needs.

● Browser & App Testing Cloud allows users to run both manual and automated tests of web and mobile apps across 3000+ different browsers, real devices, and operating system environments.

● HyperExecute helps customers run and orchestrate test grids in the cloud for any framework and programming language at blazing-fast speeds to cut down on quality test time, helping developers build software faster.

For more information, please visit,

LambdaTest press office:

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Webull Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with the Launch of Webull 9.0 and Smart Advisor

Leading mobile brokerage continues to innovate to meet the evolving needs of retail investors

NEW YORK, May 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Webull, a leading commission-free trading platform, is proudly celebrating its five-year anniversary. Since May 2018, Webull has offered its users professional level tools and analytics while creating an enjoyable, user-friendly investing experience.

To coincide with this important milestone, the company released the latest version of its platform, Webull 9.0, and launched Smart Advisor, an offering that leverages artificial intelligence to suggest a portfolio based on a user’s responses to a risk assessment.

Webull 9.0 boasts an even better user experience, featuring new content and sophisticated tools, including Sage Tracker, which enables clients to track the investment moves of leading institutional investors, and Cash Management, alongside the new Smart Advisor.

The company developed Smart Advisor’s algorithm in-house, which provides an easy user experience for customers. Smart Advisor will collect basic profile information including the customer’s goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, before suggesting an investment portfolio based on the responses and investing funds automatically. Users always have access to their funds, and once a withdrawal request is submitted, Smart Advisor will automatically sell holdings to raise cash to meet the request. This product also helps users better manage day-to-day portfolio monitoring, allows for fractional share trading, and rebalances when necessary—all at a low cost.

Webull remains committed to its mission of changing the way retail investors trade by providing greater accessibility, education, and optimized user experience, all with no commission or subscription barriers.

Over the past year, Webull has accomplished:

  • Cash Management APY: Eligible customers now earn 4.1% Annual Percentage Yield (“APY”) interest on their uninvested cash balance.
  • Recurring Investments: Customers now have the ability to automatically invest in stocks and ETFs.
  • US Expansion: Webull has expanded operations in the US by opening a major office in St. Petersburg, Florida to support its ambitious growth plans.
  • Brooklyn Nets & New York Liberty Partnerships: As part of Webull’s sponsorship of the Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty basketball teams and the company’s commitment to the New York City community in general, Webull has participated in initiatives like the opening of a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) center in Brooklyn, NY in partnership with Digital Girl, Inc.

“This milestone anniversary, the launch of Webull 9.0 and Smart Advisor is not only a time for reflection on the company’s accomplishments, but also demonstrates that we are at the forefront of the future of retail investing,” said Anthony Denier, CEO of Webull. “We are proud to introduce products to the market that make the investment experience easier and more efficient for our users.”

Denier added: “These past five years have been extremely rewarding and I am very proud of the team’s hard work, dedication, and all that they have achieved to create a more accessible platform for retail investors. I am incredibly excited about what the future holds for the company and its users.”

Smart Advisor is free for customers until June 30, 2023. Beginning in July, customers will be charged the standard annualized fee of 20bps of assets under management (AUM), billed monthly.

For more information on Webull and its offerings, please visit

About Webull
Brokerage services offered through Webull Financial LLC (“Webull Financial”), an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Investment advisory services are offered by Webull Advisors LLC (“Webull Advisors”), a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered investment adviser.  Webull Financial and Webull Advisors are affiliates. All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest. Neither entity guarantees profits or protection from losses.

Webull Media Contact
Catherine Toor
(212) 999-5585

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Meltwater delivers the future of media, social and consumer intelligence through its industry-leading AI engine and ChatGPT integration

Meltwater expands on 20 years of robust AI capabilities with integration of OpenAI models and advanced algorithms to deliver insights, moving away from the time and guesswork needed to make sense of billions of pieces of online data.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Meltwater, a global leader in media, social and consumer intelligence, today announces new AI-powered product innovations across multiple solutions that allow customers to surface insights, boost efficiency, and generate content.

New product enhancements powered by Meltwater’s AI engine:

  • AI Writing Assistant – Empowering customers to work more efficiently and overcome writer’s block, leveraging the latest advancements in generative AI. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT model, this intuitive tool boosts productivity and creativity, providing users with an effortless way to craft highly engaging content, integrated seamlessly into their publishing workflow.
  • Discovery AI-Based Insight Assistant – Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically surface impactful consumer and market insights. By highlighting changes, shifts, and trends in online conversations that teams may have otherwise missed, the assistant allows them to stay ahead of the curve and make informed business decisions, solving for information overload with automated, actionable insights.
  • Video Analysis – Enabling users to capture insights from video content on social platforms through advanced computer vision which identifies logos, celebrities, scenes and objects. This allows customers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their online brand and tackle everything from crisis management to content ideation.

These innovations are powered by Meltwater’s AI engine, capitalizing on nearly 20 years of investment and the largest, richest, and most global dataset in the industry. Across these AI enhancements, Meltwater customers are already saving time, benefitting from streamlined workflows, and seeing significant value from these new tools:

  • The Discovery Insight Assistant is a fascinating feature, both for its ability to identify relevant information and for its accuracy. It simplifies the task of analyzing and identifying drivers of conversations with completeness and relevance. The potential of Discovery is immense, and it’s a major asset for anyone involved in social data. – Jean-Baptiste Mac Luckie, Senior Market & Business Insights Manager, Lacoste
  • “Meltwater’s new Insight Assistant and Video Analysis capabilities have tremendous potential for agencies who are tasked with staying on top of multiple brands across a growing number of news and social channels. Our industry is always changing and evolving, and it’s a game-changer to be able to save time, have access to deeper, more accurate insights, and be alerted to key shifts in brand mentions – all powered by the latest innovations in AI.” – James Wright, Global CEO, Red Havas, and CEO, Havas Creative Network Australia

Meltwater delivers AI insights at scale drawing from an unprecedented amount of data – with more than 1.3 billion new documents added each day, applying 14 billion AI inferences, with support in over 240 languages. Additionally, Meltwater’s rich experience with LLMs (large language models), the foundation of generative AI models, puts the company in a leadership position to help customers find insights in the sea of external data.

“Meltwater has been investing in AI since day one, and these new generative AI enhancements will bring even more value to our customers. Harnessing the power of online data is no longer limited to teams with advanced technical skills. Our AI-powered tools bring the full value of media intelligence to organizations of all kinds by surfacing more relevant insights and generating content, ultimately saving time, streamlining workflows, and boosting productivity,” says Meltwater CTO Aditya Jami.

In the coming months, the company will release additional generative AI-powered enhancements that will provide value for Meltwater customers in numerous ways – from simplifying complicated Boolean search set-up, to generating concise content summaries and automating tags for news and social content. These features will drastically simplify how to search and organize data, accelerate user productivity, reduce time-to-strategic-insight, and unblock creative barriers for Meltwater’s 27,000+ customers.

Find out more at the upcoming Meltwater Summit in New York on June 21-22. During the Summit’s Product Keynote, Meltwater CEO John Box and CTO Aditya Jami will reveal exciting new launches that leverage AI to empower marketers and communication professionals to spend less time wrangling data and more time strategizing and engaging with their audiences.

To learn more and attend the Summit, visit

For more information contact:
Kelly Costello

About Meltwater: 
Meltwater empowers companies with a suite of solutions that spans media, social, consumer and sales intelligence. By analyzing ~1 billion pieces of content each day and transforming them into vital insights, Meltwater unlocks the competitive edge to drive results. With 27,000 global customers, 50 offices across six continents and 2,300 employees, Meltwater is the industry partner of choice for global brands making an impact. Learn more at

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Nutricosmetics Formulation Expert & Microbiome Author Joins Codex Labs Medical Advisory Board

San Jose, CA, May 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Codex Labs, a Silicon Valley bio-skintech company, and Paula Simpson, nutricosmetics formulator, author and microbiome expert, recently announced the addition of Paula to the Codex Labs medical advisory board.

“As we delve deeper into skin-gut-brain integrative wellness solutions, we are excited to find partners who are experts in functional and clinical nutrition, as well as formulation of accessible skin-gut-brain supporting supplements. Our goal is to expand our ingestibles from acne to other skin conditions, and clinically prove and publish their efficacy through research studies with our medical advisory board dermatologists,”  said Dr. Barbara Paldus, Founder and CEO of Codex Labs.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of Codex Labs’ incredible team of medical, microbiome science & ethnobotany experts. With my integrated background, I hope to support Codex Labs in bringing forth unique and personalized formulations for healthy, balanced skin inside and out,” stated Paula Simpson, Author & Founder of Nutribloom Consulting.  “Our skin doesn’t function in isolation; it has a codependent relationship with the gut and immune system.  Via gut-skin axis, microbes are important contributors for healthy balanced skin. Nurturing it from the inside and out, can support and encourage those good bacteria to flourish and protect us from pathogens or stressors that have a negative effect on the health and appearance of our skin.”

About Codex Labs

Based in Silicon Valley and led by scientist Dr. Barb Paldus, Codex Labs is committed to creating  highly effective, clinically proven, microbiome-supporting skin-gut-brain integrative solutions  that contain potent, biotech-derived plant-based actives. Our products are focused on restoring/protecting the skin barrier, managing inflammation, and addressing skin conditions associated with aging, acne, eczema and psoriasis. Our free DermSCORE self-assessment app offers consumers a data-driven, derm-approved approach for managing acne.  The brand has been heralded by dermatologists for creating a new breed of effective, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable dermo-cosmetic solutions.

Manny Valdez
Codex Labs

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Philips and Vanderbilt University Medical Center unite to define roadmap for decarbonizing radiology

May 22, 2023

Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Nashville, TN, USA Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), home to the top-ranked adult and pediatric hospitals in the Southeastern U.S., today announced a collaboration that aims to reduce the health system’s carbon footprint while determining a blueprint to guide industry efforts. The project is with the radiology department, where efforts will focus on measuring and addressing energy consumption of VUMC’s diagnostic imaging devices including MR, CT, ultrasound and X-ray. The two organizations plan to publish their findings with the aim of promoting knowledge exchange and enabling others in the industry to enhance their environmental strategies.

The healthcare industry is responsible for an estimated 7.6% of U.S. and 4.4% of global emissions [1]; with its heavy energy, equipment, and supply usage, radiology is a significant contributor to the CO2 emissions responsible for climate change [2]. Philips will work with VUMC to collect a range of equipment lifecycle data, including radiology data and measurements of the equipment energy consumption, analyze operational workflow efficiency and interview VUMC staff and faculty to build computational models on which to run simulations. The teams will then summarize piloted interventions to test the reduction of the department’s carbon footprint.

“We consider climate care as healthcare. Taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint in healthcare isn’t just an opportunity, it’s also a responsibility. The future of radiology requires us to be cognizant, aware and proactive about addressing this issue which directly affects the communities we live in and the patients we treat,” said Reed Omary, MD, MS, Carol D. and Henry P. Pendergrass Professor and Chair of Radiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. “We have a collective responsibility to help mitigate climate change, which is why we’ve entered into this collaboration. Working together will allow us to leverage Philips’ general healthcare and specific radiology expertise – as well as their own success in achieving CO2 net-zero operations – to make important reductions in our carbon footprint.”

In addition to financial costs for a given diagnosis, VUMC’s Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences understands that there is also an additional carbon cost to make that diagnosis. Philips brings knowledge and a longstanding commitment to sustainability to the collaboration. Recently, Philips became the first health technology company to have its entire value-chain CO₂ emissions reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) with strategic action plans in place. The company has reported solid progress in reducing CO2 emissions across its innovations and supply chain, and has operated globally carbon neutral since 2020. Philips builds on decades of experience reducing energy consumption, waste, and materials and substances usage by embedding its EcoDesign criteria and circular business models across product innovation and ways of working. Through digitalization and collaboration, the company actively seeks to expand access to care, while working closely with customers and partners to improve the environmental impact of in-use diagnostic imaging technology.

“Philips and VUMC share a common vision – that systemically addressing climate change is going to take commitment and collaboration across the industry. Philips’ 2023 Future Health Index found that nearly half of U.S. healthcare leaders are planning to overcome challenges to implementing sustainability initiatives by sharing best practices and learnings from peers,” said Jeff DiLullo, chief region leader, Philips North America. “We are optimistic that results from this partnership will not only assist Vanderbilt in its effort to understand and address carbon emissions in its own radiology department, but serve as a model for others seeking to decarbonize their operations.”


For further information, please contact:

Avi Dines

Philips North America
Tel: + 1 781 690 3814

Mark Groves
Philips Global Press Office
Tel: +31 631 639 916

Vanderbilt Radiology Communications (please contact both):
Derek Scancarelli
Senior Communications Specialist

Jackson Hicks
Associate Communications Specialist

About Royal Philips
Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and well-being through meaningful innovation. Philips’ patient- and people-centric innovation leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver personal health solutions for consumers and professional health solutions for healthcare providers and their patients in the hospital and the home. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, image-guided therapy, monitoring and enterprise informatics, as well as in personal health. Philips generated 2022 sales of EUR 17.8 billion and employs approximately 74,000 employees with sales and services in more than 100 countries. News about Philips can be found at

About Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) is the largest comprehensive research, teaching and patient care health system in the Mid-South region, with the highest ranked adult and children’s hospitals in the Southeast by U.S. News & World Report. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, VUMC sees over 3 million patient visits per year in over 200 ambulatory locations, performs 88,000 surgical operations and discharges 80,000 inpatients from its main-campus adult, children’s, psychiatric and rehabilitation hospitals and three regional community hospitals. The Medical Center is the largest non-governmental employer of Middle Tennesseans, with nearly 40,000 staff, including more than 3,000 physicians, advanced practice nurses and scientists appointed to the Vanderbilt University faculty. For more information and the latest news follow VUMC on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and in the VUMC Reporter.


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