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6th Job-Education Fair to Be Held Next Month

Fresh graduates, students and job seekers who wish to continue their studies or get new jobs must not miss the coming 6th Job and Education Fair at the Faculty of Engineering (Sokpaluang), Vientiane Capital on May 19.

The fair will be co-organised by the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lao PDR, in collaboration with National University of Laos.

The main purpose of the fair is to establish contact between the students and the business community. The participating companies / organizations will be provided with spaces for their booths to showcase themselves and meet with academic institutions in general and prospective employees in particular.

This will expose the students to a variety of job opportunities and put them in direct contact with potential employers. They can ask questions and get help to realise their study plans in order to enhance their attractiveness in the professional environment which they are aiming for.

The fair will also give students and young professionals the privilege to directly meet the companies and the international representatives of higher education systems.

This event not only provides students with job opportunities and information about certain domestic and foreign companies, it also plays a crucial role in informing students of career and academic opportunities available to them and to help them make better choices.

Source: Lao News Agency