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Access all services of Unibank with Asan ?mza in your mobile phone

From now on, customers of Unibank will be able to access all services of the bank via Unibank Mobile using Asan ?mza. Download to your smartphone the mobile banking application of Unibank – Unibank Mobile ( ) and start managing your bank accounts online via registering with Asan ?mza.

Which advantages are provided to customers through Unibank Mobile and Asan ?mza?

Some bank operations require the client’s signature and thus, the presence of the client at the bank’s office. Since Asan ?mza is the client’s mobile e-signature being legally equal to his regular hand signature, the customers having Asan ?mza can enter Unibank Mobile from their smartphones and perform online banking transactions such as opening of current or new deposit account or ordering of loan secured with deposit.

Asan ?mza (Mobile ID) is the mobile idetification of the customer for accessing of e-services and digitally signing of documents. Asan ?mza enables using of all existing e-services. The technology of Asan ?mza provides a series of advantages allowing to expand online banking services including high convenience, reliability and security of authorization and signature processes in the electronic environment.

Therefore, the users of Asan ?mza can take advantage of Unibank Mobile services in an easy, rapid and secure manner. Unibank Mobile operates under iOS and Android mobile platforms and enables customers to get all required information about his bank card, make necessary payments, manage deposit accounts and regulate current accounts using his smartphone.

With Unibank Mobile, you can locate any branch office, payment terminal or ATM of the bank, and stay informed about daily exchange rates, bank news and campaigns.

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