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Asian Markets Undergoing a Second Consecutive Down Day

The shockwaves from Monday’s major losses on Wall Street are reverberating throughout Asian financial markets Tuesday.

The Nikkei index in Tokyo lost eight points, but was unchanged percentage-wise. Sydney’s S&P/ASX index dropped 1.7%. The KOSPI index in Seoul lost 0.5%, and Taipei’s TSEC index was 0.2% lower.

Shanghai’s Composite index gained 0.1%. In late afternoon trading, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index is down 0.5%, while Mumbai’s Sensex is up 0.3%.

Global markets fell Monday as investors appeared increasingly uncertain about the outlook of the global economy due to a resurgence of coronavirus cases across Europe and the United States. The Dow Jones lost a staggering 650 points, or 2.2%, while the S&P was 1.8% lower.

In commodities trading, gold is selling at $1,907.10 per ounce, up nearly one-and-a-half points, but unchanged percentage-wise. U.S. crude is selling at $38.82 per barrel, up 0.6%, and Brent crude is selling at $40.73 per barrel, also up 0.6%.

All three U.S. markets are trending positively in futures trading.

Source: Voice of America