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Authorities urged to provide funding for medical treatment of sick inmates

Mr. Bounsu Surinanthong, member of the National Assembly for Attapeu Province has called on relevant authorities to provide a certain amount of funding for the treatment of sick prisoners as there are some cases in which inmates die in prison or at hospital due to their late admission for medical help.
On Dec 27, the National Assembly (NA) approved two draft resolutions on the performance of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office over the past months and their targets set for 2023.
At the ongoing 4th Ordinary Session of the National Assembly, Minister of Justice Phayvy Siboualipha told members of the assembly that through 2025, the Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office will continue to place a focus on the supervision of law enforcement, human resource development and the development of enabling mechanisms to ensure public access to legal services.

Source: Lao News Agency