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Azerbaijani president’s visit to Turkey – message to opposing forces

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s visit to Ankara in the current conditions is commendable, Arzu Naghiyev, political analyst, deputy director general of Trend news agency, said.

Naghiyev said that this action, an important gesture, showed that Azerbaijan supports fraternal Turkey in such a difficult period.

“President Aliyev once again demonstrated the high level of friendly and fraternal relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey,” he said. “Turkey and Azerbaijan are linked by historical ties. Historically, Turkey and Azerbaijan always supported each other.”

He said that at the same time, President Aliyev’s this visit became a certain message to the world, in particular, to the forces concerned about the Azerbaijan-Turkey rapprochement.

“Another terrorist attack was committed in Turkey on the eve of President Erdogan’s visit to Azerbaijan,” he said. “Despite this, the fifth meeting of the Turkey-Azerbaijan High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council took place. Very important documents were signed between the two countries.”

He said that nothing can shatter the Azerbaijan-Turkey relations.

“Azerbaijan and Turkey always supported and will continue supporting each other,” he said. “The fifth meeting and the documents signed as part of the meeting will further strengthen cooperation and relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey.”

Source: TREND