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Bicol Region’s Schools to Plant Over 20,000 Trees in DepEd Nationwide Initiative

Bicol Region – Approximately 4,071 public schools in the Bicol region are set to join the Department of Education’s (DepEd) nationwide tree planting initiative, “DepEd’s 236,000 Trees – A Christmas Gift for the Children.

According to Philippines News Agency, the region aims to plant at least 20,355 trees as part of the project, scheduled for Wednesday. The tree planting will primarily take place on school premises, with alternative sites identified by local barangay and environmental offices if necessary.

Jumamil emphasized that the project seeks to promote environmental preservation and instill a sense of responsibility towards nature among Filipino children. The nationwide initiative involves over 236,000 trees and 47,678 public schools under DepEd. DepEd-Bicol Director Gilbert Sadsad highlighted the educational value of the event, encouraging schools to plant a minimum of five trees, including fruit-bearing, native Philippine species, and mangroves. Seedlings can be sourced from school nurseries or acquired from Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Offices.

Sadsad described the tree planting event as a meaningful Christmas gift from DepEd, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment for current and future generations of Filipino children. He also noted the hands-on experience’s potential to deepen students’ understanding of environmental issues and promote conservation efforts.