Book reflects development of Party’s mindset about defence strategy

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s book on the military policy and defence strategy of Vietnam in the new period reflects his consistent thought about the leadership and directions over the national safeguarding, many experts and researchers have said.

The recently released book, with its title translated as “Some issues about the military policy, national defence strategy during the cause of building and defending the socialist Vietnam Fatherland in the new period”, comprises 39 articles, speeches, and interviews of General Secretary Trong, who is also Secretary of the Central Military Commission.

The first section, with 21 articles, speeches and interviews, focuses on the building of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) into a revolutionary, regular, elite, and modern military in the new period.

The second, with 18 articles and speeches, is about the building of lean, strong and modernity-oriented forces of the army to fulfill requirements and tasks in all circumstances.

Meanwhile, the third is reserved for a writing by Sen. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh, former member of the Party Central Committee, former member of the Central Military Commission’s Standing Board, and former Deputy Minister of National Defence. It affirmed the Party General Secretary and Secretary of the Central Military Commission is a leader with a dialectical mindset and strategic vision on the formation of the military policy and defence strategy for safeguarding the socialist Vietnam.

Assoc. Prof. and Dr Pham Van Linh, Vice Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council, held that the Party chief’s leadership and directions shown in the book help clarify the development of the Party’s theoretical thinking about the military policy and defence strategy.

Maj. Gen. Vu Cuong Quyet, Director of the Institute for Defence Strategy, noted keeping peace is a sacred value of the task of national safeguarding. A core point and breakthrough in General Secretary Trong’s thinking about the military policy and defence strategy is that protecting national independence and self-reliance must be connected with keeping peace. This is a creative and unique thought on military and defence, with keeping a peaceful environment being the consistent target./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency