Next Year’s Academy Awards Ceremony May be Postponed Due to Pandemic – Report

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Next Year’s Academy Awards Ceremony May be Postponed Due to ...

Next year’s Academy Awards telecast may be postponed because of the disruption to theatrical releases caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
A story published Tuesday in the entertainment magazine Vari...

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Celestial Events Liven Up Sky This Week

If life on Earth has become tedious with coronavirus restrictions, celestial activity this week promises some excitement...

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COVID-19 Diaries: What to Do With the Kids This Summer?    

My teenagers have found their pandemic rhythm: Light school work in the morning, watch videos, make music, eat, walk the dog. Repeat.  

But summer looms...

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6th Goût de France scheduled for Mar 23-29

(KPL) The French food festival - Goût de France/Good France - will be held at the Residence of the French Ambassador to the Lao PDR in Vientiane on Mar 23-29.Chefs from well-known restaurants in Vientiane namely Bistrot 22, l'Adresse La Signature, You ...Read More

Miss Hmong Laos 2020 Announced

Pakulee Yiacha from Xaysomboun Province has been crowned Miss Hmong Laos 2020 at a ceremony held in Samket, Sikhottabong district, Vientiane on Jan 3. She was presented a crown worth 50 million kip and a 15-million-kip cash prize.Pakulee Yiacha's first...Read More