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Lao Telecom To Invest US$ 17.8 Million This Year

Lao Telecom will invest US$17.8 million this year to expand mobile broadband and fixed broadband networks to better serve internet demand in the country.Last year, Lao Telecom raked in 1.86 billion kip, a 1.4% increase from 2017, and a net profit of 3...Read More

Australia Police Say Man in Custody After Airport Evacuation

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA A man who falsely claimed to have a bomb and menaced a woman with a knife forced the evacuation of Brisbane International Airport for more than two hours, police said Sunday. Police ended the emergency late Saturday by shooting th...Read More

Be Beauty Lao Opens New Branch

(KPL) Be Beauty Lao, a distributor of cosmetics from many countries around the world on Jan 30 opened new branch at Talat Shao Shopping Mall, Vientiane.Over 4,000 types of cosmetic products are available at our shop, and we are selling what our custome...Read More


VIENTIANE, Laos, Lao local tourism-related businesses should make adjustments for more Chinese tourists that Lao government expects to visit this year, local daily Vientiane Times on Monday, quoting Lao Vice President of National Chamber of Commerce a...Read More

Israel Confirms Military Strike on Iranian Targets in Syria

In a rare public admission, Israel confirmed early Monday that it carried out airstrikes on Iranian military targets inside Syria.

"We have started striking Iranian Quds targets in Syrian territory. We warn the Syrian Armed Forces against attempting to harm Israeli forces or territory," the military tweeted.

It gave no further details.

But Israel launched the airstrikes after it intercepted a missile over the Golan Heights, hours after what Syria says were missiles fired near the Damascus airport.

Israel rarely makes any comments on military action in Syria. But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a visit to Chad, "We have a defined policy � to harm Iranian entrenchment in Syria and to harm anyone who tries to harm us."

Israel wants to avoid getting involved in Syria's civil war. It has appealed to Russia � the Syrian government's top ally � to keep Iranian forces away from a zone near the Syrian-Israeli border.

Source: Voice of America

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