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Chess Competition Popular During Cambodia’s Sangkranta New Year

The Chatrangka or Aok (Chess competition) was a traditional and popular game in Cambodia during the Khmer New Year 2018.

The chess competition is the biggest event of the Angkor Sangkranta. The competition was held for the first time in 2013.

The competition was held during the Angkor Sangkranta 2018 on April 16.

Chatrangka is considered as the intellectual game, to train the heart and mind to be strong, and persistent in the performance of duties.

The benefit from this game for elite figures includes that they can apply the maneuver of Chatrangka game in their warfare. Because warriors must know as many as tricks and maneuvers as possible, be wit, able to apply many layers of tricks and maneuvers to confuse their opponents so as to overcome them in the same manner that the chess player use those tricks and maneuvers to win the opponent.

Source: Lao News Agency