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Children’s Hospital Urged To Lift Its Service Standard

(KPL) Deputy Minister of Health, Dr Phouthone Meuangpak has urged the management of the Children’s Hospital to make greater efforts to raise the standard of its medical services.

The annual meeting of the hospital was held at the Laos-Korea Pediatric Training Center in Vientiane Capital on Jan 4.

The deputy minister noted that over the past 8 years, the hospital has achieved much in the cause of providing medical care to people.

He noted the achievements made by the hospital especially in term of human resource development. A number of its health workers have been given training opportunities.

Dr Phouthone asked the hospital’s health workers to continue to struggle to improve their professional skills and master scientific and technological advances.

Staffed by nearly 146 health workers, the Children’s Hospital has 70 beds, 4 clinics and 18 departments.

Source: Lao News Agency