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China Plays Vital Role to Protection of Canal, Environment

More than 300 delegates from 30 countries and ten international orgnisations gathered at the 2018 World Canal Cities Forum in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, China on October 12 to share and discuss solutions of the practical issues facing the canals today.

The Forum under theme of the protection, inheritabce and utilisation of the culture of canal cities also discussed the ideas and direction canal protection and development, aiming at contributing to the sustainable development of the canals.

The forum proved a complete success in bringing together resources and forces for the canal initiatives worldwide and reachiing extensive consensus.

The delegates have uanimously agreed to set up the concepts of a holistic approach to protection, pressing ahead with the projects of the Grand Canal Culture National Park and the Museum, and following up the extension of the China Grand Canal World Heritage property, low-carbon, circular development to explore the ways of protecting and restoring canal ecology, law- based governance, and improving the legislation on canal heritage protection, joint prosperity of water and city, and fostering diversity of styles in the canal cities’ development, live integration and activation, and promoting canal cultural tourism, openeness and inclusiveness, and promoting sharing of development expiriences and mutually benficial cooperation between canal cities worldwide.

Canal culture is not only a result of the coexistence between the canals and the cities on them, but a sustained force driving regional development. It is the common responsibility of the world’s over 3000 canal cities to protect and take good care of their mother rivers and to inherit and utilise canal culture property.

Jiangsu province has also designed 11 pilot cities including Yangzhou and provided a number of sucessful cases of protecting the Grand Canal in such aspects as implementing the system of river-chiefs and promoting the live transmission of intangible culture heriatges. As the province with largest number of the Wolrd Heritage sites on the China Grand Canal.

Jiangsu is in right position to spearhead China’s ongoing campaign of protecting the culture remains, promoting the culture values, protecting and restoring the ecology, and improving the environment of the Grand Canal.

The forum calls for the canal cities worldwide to explore the right ways to address such issues, jointly study the approaches to development, and share with each other successful experiences for developing in a more sustained manner for a brighter future.

The world canal cities forum was initially held in 2007. Since the founding of the World Historic and Cultural Canal Cities Cooperation Organisation in 2009, is the main sponsor for this forum. the organisation has a total membership of 127 countries.

Source: Lao News Agency