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Chinese Consular to Luang Prabang Visits Lao News Agency

Head of the Chinese Consular to Luang Prabang Province Mr Li Baoguang and his delegation paid a courtesy visit the Director General of Lao News Agency, Mr Sounthone Khanthavong on March 2.

Mr Sounthone warmly welcomed Mr Baoguang and his delegation and thanked them for visiting, which is a significant contribution to the ongoing cooperation between the two parties, two governments, and the people of the two countries Laos and China.

During the talks, Mr Baoguang highlighted that China is the biggest investor in the Lao PDR and makes the greatest contribution to its socio-economic development.

In addition, the Chinese government has so far supported and mobilized Chinese businesspeople to come and invest in Laos including in businesses, trade, tourism, and agriculture.

Currently, there are 7,000 Lao students studying in China, of which 70 percent receive financial support from the Chinese government and 30 percent are funded privately.

Source: Lao News Agency