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DA-NFRDI upholds continuous research for Filipino fishers

The Department of Agriculture-National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (DA-NFRDI) has reiterated its commitment to continue research to benefit Filipino fishers.

During its 5th anniversary celebration on Monday, NFRDI Executive Director Lilian Garcia urged the body to keep their focus on meeting their targets.

‘The most important is that we do our duties and focus on what should be done so that we can serve Filipinos and impact their lives. And in our case at NFRDI, it is through research for (the) development of our fisheries,’ Garcia said in a speech.

With its theme ‘NFRDI: Going Above and Beyond the Limits,’ the agency is set to conduct weeklong activities highlighting research and development (R and D) until Feb. 23.

These include the display of aquaponics setup and trivia contests for R and D awareness, lectures in basic research, lessons on freshwater ornamental fish breeding and production, tree planting, and various contests, among others.

Earlier, the NFRDI conducted a series of di
spersal of over 11,000 tilapia fingerlings disposal in Batangas and Mindoro, following its aquashade technology production.

Aquashading technology, which reduces water temperature by around three to four degrees Celsius, utilizes installed nets over the pond to protect tilapia breeding from excessive sunlight.

According to the NFRDI, this makes it ‘favorable for tilapia reproduction’, even during summer months.

Besides this, fishers in Pangasinan also adopted NFRDI’s modified bamboo raft technology for oyster production.

According to the NFRDI-Aquaculture Research and Development Section, the adoption of the said technology has resulted in a ‘significant surge’ in oyster production in Anda, Bani, Bolinao, Alaminos City, and Sual

Source: Philippines News Agency