DepEd makes education accessible to remote villages in Antique

Antique: The opening of two elementary schools and the conversion of 12 others into elementary, secondary and integrated schools made education more accessible to learners in far-flung barangays of the municipalities of Bugasong and Valderrama in Antique.

Dr. Daryl Arguelles, principal-in-charge of the District of Bugasong and Valderrama, on Thursday said that DepEd established two elementary schools in Bugasong and converted three primary schools into an elementary school.

Seven primary schools expanded as elementary and two others into integrated schools in Valderrama.

‘Learners, through the establishment and conversion of the schools, would already be able to finish their elementary as well as start their secondary education within their barangays,’ Arguelles said.

The newly established elementary schools in Bugasong are Libudon and Tan-ayan, while converted are Anilawan, Caloy-ahan, and Tica.

The elementary schools in Busog, Culyat, Cansilayan, Alon, Bakiang, Buluangan II, and Cananghan are now secon
dary schools, while Tigmamale and Lublub are integrated schools, all in Valderrama.

‘There will be 181 learners in Bugasong and 730 from Valderrama who will benefit from the establishment and conversion of the schools,’ Arguelles said.

Arguelles credited the expansion of the learning facilities to the support of concerned local government units and stakeholders.

He further said that with the conversion of primary into elementary schools, learners could already complete their grade levels without transferring to other schools.

‘Primary schools only offer Kinder to Grade 3, so the learners really have to transfer to other schools to complete their elementary education,’ Arguelles said.

Integrated schools can already offer Grade 7 at the start of the next school year in July.

Source: Philippines News Agency