Deputy PM urges ensuring enough vaccines for expanded immunisation programme

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha asked the Ministry of Health to place orders or organise concentrated bidding while calculating vaccine donations to ensure enough vaccines for the expanded immunisation programme, at a working session on May 11.

At the meeting, Health Minister Dao Hong Lan said the ministry is devising decrees and circulars guiding the implementation of the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment, which will come into force on January 1, 2024, and completing draft circulars relating to regulations of the Price Law and the Law on Bidding.

In this regard, Ha said the circulars on drug and medical equipment bidding must include both general principles and specific guidelines for the sector, asking the ministry to collect opinions from health facilities and management agencies concerned.

The health ministry also reported that 35 hospitals have been assigned to become self-financed during the 2022-2025 period, while the financial autonomy of 57 others needs approval of the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Health then issued decisions on handing over the financial autonomy to 10 out of the 57 as agreed by the Ministry of Finance.

Deputy PM Ha asked the Ministry of Finance to classify the level of self-financing for the remaining 47 within this month./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency