Domestic visitors generate US$52 million as tourism revenues in the first four months

Revenues, generated by over 463,900 domestic visitors, have reached 52 million US dollars in the first four months of the year.

Each visitor spent two and half days and 45 US dollars per day, according to Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Suansavanh Viyaketh.

Since the reopening of the country on May 9, more than 55,700 foreign tourists have visited the Lao PDR, as the number of people leaving the country in the first four months has reached 56,325.

“We could say that more foreign visitors from the region and other parts of the world have learned about the opening of the Lao PDR,” said Minister Suansavanh.

She expects that Laos will witness a gradual increase in the number of foreign visitors from this month onward.

Source: Lao News Agency