France supports eight sustainable development projects

Ambassador of France to the Lao PDR Siv-Leng Chhuor signed on Jun 13 at the Residence of France, the financing agreements with eight Lao organizations benefiting from the French small grants programme PISCCA (Innovative Projects of Civil Societies and Coalitions of Actors).

This is the first part of the new PISCCA programme which will support, in 2022 and 2023, for an amount of more than half a million dollars, initiatives from civil society organizations in the sector of sustainable agricultural development.

This programme is thus part of the Team Europe Strategy through its support for civil society and the agricultural sector. The eight sustainable agricultural development projects supported in 2022 by the PISCCA fund represent a total envelope of 260,000 USD (3.5 billion LAK).

These projects will be implemented in the provinces of Huaphanh, Khammuan, Luang Namtha, Luang Prabang, Phongsaly, Savannakhet, and Xieng Khuang. “Because sustainable agricultural development is a priority for our cooperation in Laos, we have chosen to focus this new programme on initiatives in the agricultural sector.

The PISCCA fund makes it possible to finance small-scale projects, complementary to larger-scale projects financed by the French Development Agency, in particular in the fields of agro-ecology or coffee growing”, declared the Ambassador of France to Laos in his opening speech.

Mr. Saly THONGSAVANH, director of the Konglor Natane Ecotourism Association (AEKN), came specially from the province of Khammuan to sign the PISCCA grant agreement of 500 million Kip, which will allow his association to encourage organic farming in the villages of Konglor and Natane to supply the local market and tourist activity, in particular with a “signature” menu that will be offered by local restaurants.

Enabling farmers to access the organic fertilizer market and reduce the use of chemicals is the goal of the project of the producer group Bio Compost Ban Phan Group.

This organization represented by Mrs. Sidavanh OUANVILAY received a grant of more than 200 million Kip in order to develop the production of organic fertilizers within several villages of Peak district in Xieng Khuang.

The Association for the Development of Bamboo and Non-Timber Forest Products (BNDA) benefits from a PISCCA grant of 500 M LAK for the training of women and young people in Huaphanh.

Ms. Mayoua PHENGKHAMHUAK, President of the Association was accompanied by Mr. Yerlee TOULEEZONGZOUA, Director of BNDA, to sign the financing agreement.

The Community Development Association (CoDA), based in Savannakhet and represented by its director Mr. Phou KHOUNPHIA, received a PISCCA grant of 364 M LAK to encourage villagers in the district of Xonnabouly of Savannakhet, to practice organic agriculture.

The very young association COSKA (Cooperation for Development and Support to Local Knowledge Association) represented by its general secretary Mrs. Bouaphone VONGKHAMSONE, is awarded a grant of 445 M LAK for the Community Empowerment and Participation (CEP) project which aims to economically integrate the communities, sensitize them to environmental management, and better adaptation to climate resilience in the districts of Nyot Ou and Boun Neua, Phongsaly Province.

Contributing to the development of agro-ecology in Xieng Khuang Province, while promoting and empowering a new generation of young farmers, is the main objective of the innovative project of the Assisting Poor People of the Lao PDR Foundation. Mr. Khamla SIBOUNHEUANG, director of the foundation, came from the Province of Xieng Khuang, to sign the PISCCA financing agreement of 470 M LAK.

The Friends of Pha Tad Ke association, represented by its secretary general, Mr. Sith NITAPHONE, will develop, thanks to a PISCCA grant of 443 M LAK, the breeding of crickets in the district of Chompeth, Luang Prabang, in order to improve the autonomy of women and the food security of the families concerned.

Finally, the company Phou Doi Clean Agriculture Sole Co. Ltd, represented by its director, Mr. Chanthaphone KHAMMOUNTHA will receive a grant of 496 M LAK in order to develop the means of subsistence of rural communities, by introducing the cultivation of coffee under forest cover in Luang Namtha.

Source: Lao News Agency