Fuel price raised amid Covid-19 infection surge

Fuel price has been adjusted upward for retail trade from Apr 23, according to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The ministry issued a notice on Apr 22 stating that the price of premium gasoline had been increased by 96 kip a litre as regular gasoline and diesel prices had been raised by 80 kip and 65 kip a litre, respectively.

The newly adjusted prices of fuel across the country are as follows:


-Premium gasoline costs 11,066 kip a litre,

-Regular gasoline costs 10,030 kip a litre,

-Diesel costs 8,545 kip a litre.


-Premium gasoline costs 11,706 kip a litre,

-Regular gasoline costs 10,670 kip a litre,

-Diesel costs 9,185 kip a litre.

Luang Prabang:

-Premium gasoline costs 11,436 kip a litre,

-Regular gasoline costs 10,400 kip a litre,

-Diesel costs 8,915 kip a litre.

Xieng Khuang:

-Premium gasoline costs 11,126 kip a litre,

-Regular gasoline costs 10,090 kip a litre,

-Diesel costs 8,606 kip a litre.


-Premium gasoline costs 11,096 kip a litre,

-Regular gasoline costs 10,060 kip a litre,

-Diesel costs 8,575 kip a litre.

Source: Lao News Agency