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GIS to Build One Maps Introduced

The Department of Innovation and Technology under the Ministry of Sciences and Technology, in cooperation with Thepsymoung Trading Group and Control Data, Thailand, held a meeting on applying Geographic Information System (GIS) to build a OneMap system.

The meeting was held on Jun 20 in Vientiane Capital, drawing Boviengkham Vongdara Minister of Science and Technology, Soumana Chunlamany, Director-General Innovation and Technology Department, and Khamphan Bounheung, President of Thepsymoung Trading Group.

The meeting aimed to build understanding and exchange information on the application of OneMap as a single standard to build an online system linking between state and private companies.

The technology development and linking of the OneMap standard system is important for work development, management of resources such as limitation of protected areas and various kinds of protected forests in the country, cooperation with countries that share a common border countries, planning for land allocation and exploitation of natural recourses, said Mr Boviengkham.

In the current globalisation era, economic and trade development is rapidly growing, and as investment in scientific research, technology development and human resource development has seen a sharp increase with the aim to compete in the commercial market. As a result, there are many new innovative products and technologies being sold. Among them, IT systems and the Internet have been used in the modernised processing industry, Mr Khamphan said.

Source: Lao News Agency